Studies on immunology of Leishmania mexicana

Rezvan, H., 2007. Studies on immunology of Leishmania mexicana. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


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Leishmaniasis is a worldwide disease prevalent in many tropical and sub tropical countries. Treatment of Leishmaniasis by chemotherapy is not wholly effective and is usually accompanied by unpleasant side effects. The development of an effective and inexpensive vaccine represents a practical way to control the disease, however at present no safe and effective vaccine is available. In the first part of the present study, the immunity induced by four different L. mexicana potential vaccines, including killed leishmania vaccine, Soluble L. mexicana Antigen (SLA), L. mexicana gp63 cDNA and CT26 tumour cells transfected with L. mexicana gp63, were compared. It was shown that DNA immunisation using L. mexicana gp63 generated the highest immunity to the parasite among the four tested vaccines where the killed leishmania vaccine and L. mexicana gp63 transfected CT26 tumour cells did not generate significant immunity. The efficacy of DNA immunisation by intramuscular injection or using gene gun, in generating immunity to leishmania was compared. Gene gun immunisation induced more immunity to the parasite and high levels of Th1 immune response, which were detected, one week after immunisation through determination of the IgG2a levels in blood serum. Gene gun immunisation also induced long-lasting CTL activity, which was detectable before and during the course of infection for up to 6 months.

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Date: 2007
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