Synthesis of new substituted organosulfur donors for the preparation of conductive and multifunctional materials

Zecchini, M., 2015. Synthesis of new substituted organosulfur donors for the preparation of conductive and multifunctional materials. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The work presented in this thesis focused on the preparation of three main type of compounds: i) bridged dimeric BEDT-TTF donors (chapter 2), ii) enantiopure substituted EDT-TTF donors with hydrogen bonding functionalities (chapter 3) and iii) BEDT-TTF substituted ligands and their ability to form multifunctional materials (chapter 4). In chapter 2 the preparation of novel BEDT-TTF donors containing an alkene in the side such as (I) and (II) is reported. Single crystals of oxidised material have been prepared and conductivities have been measured. A radical cation salt of (I) with I2/I3 was found to be a semiconductor at r.t. [Figure 1. Donors containing an alkene functionality on the side chain.]. The preparation of dimeric BEDT-TTFs such as (III) has been investigated using different substrates and strategies but the reactivity towards the second cyclisation was found to be the issue. [Figure 2. Desired dimer system (III).]. The chapter 3 contains the preparation of novel enantiopure EDT-TTF derivatives, whose side chains were designed to guide the packing in the solid state by involving non-covalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding and/or additional π-π stacking interactions as in donors (IV) and (V). [Figure 3. Examples of enantiopure donors prepared in chapter 3.]. In chapter 4 the investigation of the coordination chemistry of novel BEDT-TTF substituted ligand (VI) with first row transition metals has started. The magnetism of some of the new complexes formed has been measured. [Figure 4. Type of BEDT-TTF ligands designed for metal complexes preparation.].

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Date: March 2015
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