Novel zeolite-templated metal nitride and oxide quantum structures for use in optoelectronic applications

Baker, G., 2010. Novel zeolite-templated metal nitride and oxide quantum structures for use in optoelectronic applications. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The aim of this work was to develop methods to produce zeolite-templated metal nitrides and oxides and to investigate the effect of zeolite inclusion on the optoelectronic properties of the guest materials and the role of the zeolite in any changes.

The bulk of the work concentrated on the oxides and nitrides of Zn and Ga, due to the relatively low cost of producing ZnO and Zn3N2 and the commercial significance of GaN as a fairly new wide band gap semiconductor. To this end, a series of experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of zeolite inclusion on these materials in which two precursor impregnation methods were investigated with 3 very different zeolite types. In addition, a mixed nitride series (lnxGa1-xN), lanthanide nitrides and a selection of other nitride materials were also studied in order to evaluate the feasibility of applying the techniques to a wider range of materials.

It was found that in using many semiconducting materials as guest phases distinct changes in band gap energies can be observed upon zeolite inclusion and that the degree and nature of the changes are dependent on the impregnation method and the host zeolite. By employing a novel, molten-salt based method of zeolite impregnation a dense guest phase can be achieved, producing significantly different electronic properties to the disperse phases attainable by traditional solution-based methods. This showcases the tuneable capabilities of zeolites as crystal engineering templates, but also highlights the incredible complexity of zeolite science.

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Date: 2010
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