Quantifying vascular remodelling in the mouse spinal cord

Da Vitoria Lobo, M.E., Hardowar, L. and Hulse, R.P. ORCID: 0000-0002-5193-9822, 2022. Quantifying vascular remodelling in the mouse spinal cord. In: A.V. Benest, ed., Angiogenesis: methods and protocols. Methods in molecular biology (2441). New York: Humana Press, pp. 191-200. ISBN 9781071620588

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The spinal cord, a compartment of the central nervous system, is made up of a number of architecturally distinct neural centers that influence an array of neurophysiological systems. The primary role of the spinal cord is the modulation of sensory and motor function by acting as a relay station between the periphery and the brain. Inherently these are considered as neural networks, however the functional dynamics of these tissues consist of a heterogenic population of cell types, all working in harmony to maintain physiological function. Part of this cellular diversity comprises of the vascular network that delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to the spinal cord tissue, whilst also protecting it from potentially tissue damaging substances such as foreign entities including toxic pharmacological agents or pathogens. The viability of the spinal cord is dependent upon the harmonious balance between opposing angiogenic processes; vascular remodeling and vascular regression, tipping the balance to either side contributes to neurodegeneration. Exploring vascular remodeling in the central nervous system requires consideration of the anatomical landscape of the spinal cord and the dynamic nature of the microvasculature. Utilizing immunofluorescent staining and 3D image rendering analysis of the endothelium and mural cell population allows for investigation of cellular as well as molecular mediation of vascular remodeling in the spinal cord. This method can be utilized in a range of rodent models (utilizing pharmacological, disease models, transgenic and/or viral approaches) offering extensive appreciation of the blood-spinal cord barrier.

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Creators: Da Vitoria Lobo, M.E., Hardowar, L. and Hulse, R.P.
Publisher: Humana Press
Place of Publication: New York
Date: 2022
Number: 2441
ISBN: 9781071620588
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