Multi-purpose RNA language modelling with motif-aware pretraining and type-guided fine-tuning

Mumtaz, S. ORCID: 0000-0001-6364-6149, 2024. Multi-purpose RNA language modelling with motif-aware pretraining and type-guided fine-tuning. Nature Machine Intelligence. ISSN 2522-5839

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Pretrained language models have shown promise in analysing nucleotide sequences, yet a versatile model excelling across diverse tasks with a single pretrained weight set remains elusive. Here we introduce RNAErnie, an RNA-focused pretrained model built upon the transformer architecture, employing two simple yet effective strategies. First, RNAErnie enhances pretraining by incorporating RNA motifs as biological priors and introducing motif-level random masking in addition to masked language modelling at base/subsequence levels. It also tokenizes RNA types (for example, miRNA, lnRNA) as stop words, appending them to sequences during pretraining. Second, subject to out-of-distribution tasks with RNA sequences not seen during the pretraining phase, RNAErnie proposes a type-guided fine-tuning strategy that first predicts possible RNA types using an RNA sequence and then appends the predicted type to the tail of sequence to refine feature embedding in a post hoc way. Our extensive evaluation across seven datasets and five tasks demonstrates the superiority of RNAErnie in both supervised and unsupervised learning. It surpasses baselines with up to 1.8% higher accuracy in classification, 2.2% greater accuracy in interaction prediction and 3.3% improved F1 score in structure prediction, showcasing its robustness and adaptability with a unified pretrained foundation.

Item Type: Journal article
Publication Title: Nature Machine Intelligence
Creators: Mumtaz, S.
Publisher: Nature Research
Date: 13 May 2024
ISSN: 2522-5839
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