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MCDEVITT, A.D., COSCIA, I., BROWETT, S.S., RUIZ‐GONZÁLEZ, A., STATHAM, M.J., RUCZYŃSKA, I., ROBERTS, L., STOJAK, J., FRANTZ, A.C., NORÉN, K., ÅGREN, E.O., LEARMOUNT, J., BASTO, M., FERNANDES, C., STUART, P., TOSH, D.G., SINDICIC, M., ANDREANSZKY, T., ISOMURSU, M., PANEK, M., KOROLEV, A., OKHLOPKOV, I.M., SAVELJEV, A.P., POKORNY, B., FLAJŠMAN, K., HARRISON, S.W.R., LOBKOV, V., ĆIROVIĆ, D., MULLINS, J., PERTOLDI, C., RANDI, E., SACKS, B.N., KOWALCZYK, R. and WÓJCIK, J.M., 2021. Next‐generation phylogeography resolves post‐glacial colonization patterns in a widespread carnivore, the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), in Europe. Molecular Ecology. ISSN 0962-1083

BREMNER-HARRISON, S., CYPHER, B.L., VAN HORN JOB, C. and HARRISON, S.W.R., 2017. Assessing personality in San Joaquin kit fox in situ: efficacy of field-based experimental methods and implications for conservation management. Journal of Ethology. ISSN 0289-0771

CYPHER, B.L., MADRID, A.Y., VAN HORN JOB, C.L., KELLY, E.C., HARRISON, S.W.R. and WESTALL, T.L., 2014. Multi-population comparison of resource exploitation by island foxes: implications for conservation. Global Ecology and Conservation, 2 (2), pp. 255-266. ISSN 2351-9894

YARNELL, R.W., PHIPPS, W.L., BURGESS, L.P., ELLIS, J.A., HARRISON, S.W.R., MACTAVISH, D., MACTAVISH, L.M. and SCOTT, D.M., 2013. The influence of large predators on the feeding ecology of two African mesocarnivores: the black-backed jackal and the brown hyaena. South African Journal of Wildlife Research, 43 (2), pp. 155-166. ISSN 0379-4369

BREMNER-HARRISON, S., CYPHER, B.L. and HARRISON, S.W.R., 2013. An investigation into the effect of individual personality on reintroduction success, examples from three North American fox species: swift fox, California Channel Island fox and San Joaquin kit fox. In: P.S. SOORAE, ed., Global re-introduction perspectives: 2013. Further case studies from around the globe. Abu Dhabi, UAE: IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group and Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, pp. 152-158. ISBN 9782831716336

HARRISON, S.W.R., CYPHER, B.L., BREMNER-HARRISON, S. and VAN HORN JOB, C.L., 2011. Resource use overlap between urban carnivores: Implications for endangered San Joaquin kit foxes (Vulpes macrotis mutica). Urban Ecosystems, 14 (2), pp. 303-311. ISSN 1083-8155

HARRISON, S.W.R., CYPHER, B.L. and BROWN, A.D., 2007. A novel system for the capture and immobilization of striped skunks. Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society, 43, pp. 56-61. ISSN 0893-214X

BREMNER-HARRISON, S., HARRISON, S.W.R., CYPHER, B.L., MURDOCH, J.D., MALDONADO, J. and DARDEN, S.K., 2006. Development of a single-sampling noninvasive hair snare. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 34 (2), pp. 456-461. ISSN 0091-7648

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