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Journal article

SLATER, T., MODE, W.J.A., HOUGH, J., JAMES, R., SALE, C., JAMES, L.J. and CLAYTON, D.J., 2021. Effect of the perception of breakfast consumption on appetite and energy intake in healthy males. Appetite: 105575. ISSN 0195-6663

SAVAGE, M.J., JAMES, R., MAGISTRO, D., DONALDSON, J., HEALY, L.C., NEVILL, M. and HENNIS, P.J., 2020. Mental health and movement behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic in UK university students: prospective cohort study. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 19: 100357. ISSN 1755-2966

JAMES, R., JAMES, L.J. and CLAYTON, D.J., 2020. Anticipation of 24 h severe energy restriction increases energy intake and reduces physical activity energy expenditure in the prior 24 h, in healthy males. Appetite, 152: 104719. ISSN 0195-6663

WARDLE, H., BANKS, J., BEBBINGTON, P., BLANK, L., BOWDEN JONES, H., BRAMLEY, S., BUNN, C., CASEY, E., CASSIDY, R., CHAMBERLAIN, S.R., CLOSE, J., CRITCHLOW, N., DOBBIE, F., DOWNS, C., DYMOND, S., FINO, E., GOYDER, E., GRAY, C., GRIFFITHS, M., GRINDROD, P., HOGAN, L., HOON, A., HUNT, K., JAMES, R., JOHN, B., MANTHORPE, J., MCCAMBRIDGE, J., MCDAID, D., MCKEE, M., MCMANUS, S., MOSS, A., NORRIE, C., NUTT, D.J., ORFORD, J., PRYCE, R., PURVES, R., REITH, G., ROBERTS, A., ROBERTS, E., RODERIQUE-DAVIES, G., ROGERS, J., ROGERS, R.D., SHARMAN, S., STRANG, J., TUNNEY, R., TURNER, J., WEST, R. and ZENDLE, D., 2020. Open letter from UK based academic scientists to the secretaries of state for digital, culture, media and sport and for health and social care regarding the need for independent funding for the prevention and treatment of gambling harms. BMJ, 370: m2613. ISSN 0959-535X

DE SOUZA GONÇALVES, L., KRATZ, C., SANTOS, L., HENRIQUE CARVALHO, V., PEIXOTO SALES, L., NEMEZIO, K., LONGOBARDI, I., AUGUSTO RIANI, L., MIRANDA DE OLIVEIRA LIMA, M., SAITO, T., LINS FERNANDES, A., RODRIGUES, J., JAMES, R., SALE, C., GUALANO, B., GELONEZE, B., HELENA GENNARI DE MEDEIROS, M. and GIANNINI ARTIOLI, G., 2020. Insulin does not stimulate β-alanine transport into human skeletal muscle. American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology, 318 (4), C777-C786. ISSN 0363-6143

DE SMET, S., VAN THIENEN, R., DELDICQUE, L., JAMES, R., SALE, C., BISHOP, D.J. and HESPEL, P., 2016. Nitrate intake promotes shift in muscle fiber type composition during sprint interval training in hypoxia. Frontiers in Physiology, 7, p. 233. ISSN 1664-042X

SENEVIRATNE, M. and JAMES, R., 1996. Solicitors and client complaints. Consumer Policy Review, 6 (2), pp. 101-105.

SENEVIRATNE, M. and JAMES, R., 1995. The legal services Ombudsman - form versus function. Modern Law Review, 58 (2), pp. 187-207.

SENEVIRATNE, M. and JAMES, R., 1995. The legal services Ombudsman: a case of organic growth or a new advance in the Ombudsman concept? The Ombudsman.

SENEVIRATNE, M., JAMES, R. and GRAHAM, C., 1994. Building societies, customer complaints and the Ombudsman. Anglo-American Law Review (214).

SENEVIRATNE, M., GRAHAM, C. and JAMES, R., 1994. The banks, the Ombudsman and complaint procedures. Civil Justice Quarterly, pp. 253-269.

SENEVIRATNE, M. and JAMES, R., 1994. The effect of complaints and Ombudsman decision on banks and building societies. Consumer Policy Review, p. 66.

SENEVIRATNE, M., JAMES, R. and GRAHAM, C., 1993. Publicising the bank and building societies Ombudsman schemes. Consumer Policy Review, 3 (2), p. 85.

SENEVIRATNE, M. and JAMES, R., 1992. The building societies Ombudsman scheme. Civil Justice Quarterly, pp. 157-174.

Research report for external body

SENEVIRATNE, M. and JAMES, R., 1996. Offering views in both directions: a survey of member agencies and complainants on their views of the Ombudsman for Corporate Estate Agents Scheme. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.

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