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Journal article

MOHAMMADI, M., ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., BODAGHI, M., XIANG, Y. and KOUZANI, A.Z., 2022. 4D printing of soft orthoses for tremor suppression. Bio-Design and Manufacturing. ISSN 2096-5524

MD ZAIN, M.Z., ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., MOHAMMADI, M., BODAGHI, M., ABU BAKAR, A.R. and KOUZANI, A.Z., 2022. A portable non-contact tremor vibration measurement and classification apparatus. Actuators, 11 (1): 26.

ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., KHOSRAVANI, M.R., DUONG VU, H., NGUYEN, M.K., KOUZANI, A.Z. and BODAGHI, M., 2022. AI-based soft module for safe human–robot interaction towards 4D printing. Polymers, 14 (16): 3302.

KAYNAK, A., ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., FEATHERBY, T., BODAGHI, M., MAHMUD, M.A.P. and KOUZANI, A.Z., 2021. Electrothermal modeling and analysis of polypyrrole-coated wearable e-textiles. Materials, 14 (3): 550.

ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., DENK, M., BODAGHI, M., KOUZANI, A.Z. and KAYNAK, A., 2020. Topology-optimized 4D printing of a soft actuator. Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, 33, pp. 418-430. ISSN 0894-9166

ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., MAHMUD, M.A.P., GHARAIE, S., BODAGHI, M., KOUZANI, A.Z. and KAYNAK, A., 2020. 3D/4D-printed bending-type soft pneumatic actuators: fabrication, modelling, and control. Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 15 (4), pp. 373-402. ISSN 1745-2759

ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., KAYNAK, A., BODAGHI, M., KOUZANI, A.Z., GHARAIE, S. and NAHAVANDI, S., 2020. Control-based 4D printing: adaptive 4D-printed systems. Applied Sciences, 10 (9): 3020. ISSN 2076-3417

ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., DENK, M., KOUZANI, A.Z., BODAGHI, M., NAHAVANDI, S. and KAYNAK, A., 2020. Effects of topology optimization in multimaterial 3D bioprinting of soft actuators. International Journal of Bioprinting, 6 (2): 260, pp. 50-60. ISSN 2424-7723

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