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HIX, G.B., ZAKOWSKY, N. and MORRIS, R.E., 2000. Synthesis of a family of aluminium benzylphosphonates. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 10, pp. 2375-2380.

HIX, G.B., WRAGG, D.S., BULL, I., MORRIS, R.E. and WRIGHT, P.A., 1999. Synthesis and structure of Li2Al3(HO3PCH3)2(O3PCH3)4Cl.7H2O, an ionic, layered lithium aluminium methylphosphonate. Chemical Communications (23), pp. 2421-2422.

WRAGG, D.S., BULL, I., HIX, G.B. and MORRIS, R.E., 1999. A novel pyridine-templated open framework gallophosphate. Chemical Communications (20), pp. 2037-2038.

HIX, G.B., CARTER, V.J., WRAGG, D.S., MORRIS, R.E. and WRIGHT, P.A., 1999. The synthesis and modification of aluminium phosphonates. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 9 (1), pp. 179-185.

WRAGG, D.S., HIX, G.B. and MORRIS, R.E., 1998. Azamacrocycle-containing gallium phosphates: a new class of inorganic-organic hybrid material. Journal of The American Chemical Society, 120 (27), pp. 6822-6823.

HIX, G.B., WRAGG, D.S. and MORRIS, R.E., 1998. Synthesis and characterisation of Al(O3PCH2CO2).3H2O, a layered aluminium carboxymethylphosphonate. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (20), pp. 3359-3361.

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