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Journal article

XIE, F., MCGOWAN, V.A., CHANG, M., LI, L., WHITE, S.J., PATERSON, K.B., WANG, J. and WARRINGTON, K.L., 2020. Revealing similarities in the perceptual span of young and older Chinese readers. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 73 (8), pp. 1189-1205. ISSN 1747-0226

PATERSON, K.B., MCGOWAN, V.A., WARRINGTON, K.L., LI, L., LI, S., XIE, F., CHANG, M., ZHAO, S., PAGÁN, A., WHITE, S.J. and WANG, J., 2020. Effects of normative aging on eye movements during reading. Vision, 4 (1): 7.

XIE, F., WANG, J., HAO, L., ZHANG, X. and WARRINGTON, K.L., 2020. Perceptual span is independent of font size for older and young readers: evidence from Chinese. Psychology and Aging, 35 (7), pp. 1026-1040. ISSN 0882-7974

XIE, F., LI, L., ZHAO, S., WANG, J., PATERSON, K., WHITE, S. and WARRINGTON, K.L., 2019. Aging and pattern complexity effects on the visual span: evidence from Chinese character recognition. Vision, 3 (1), p. 11.

WARRINGTON, K.L., XIE, F., WANG, J. and PATERSON, K.B., 2019. Aging effects on the visual span for alphabetic stimuli. Experimental Aging Research, 45 (5), pp. 387-399. ISSN 0361-073X

XIE, F., WANG, H.L., COOPER, D.N., CHUZHANOVA, N., WANG, X.F., FANG, Y., CAI, X.H. and WANG, Z.Y., 2006. A novel Alu-mediated 61-kb deletion of the von Willebrand factor (VWF) gene whose breakpoints co-locate with putative matrix attachment regions. Blood Cells Molecules and Diseases, 36, pp. 385-391.

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