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BAKER, A.J., LEVER, M.C., THORNE, M.C., TWEED, C.J., WIKRAMARATNA, R.S., CHAMBERS, A.V., FITZGERALD, P.L., GHABAEE, K., GOODFIELD, M., HARRIS, A.W., HAWORTH, A., RODWELL, W.R. and TEARLE, W.M., 1997. NIREX 97: an assessment of the post-closure performance of a deep waste repository at Sellafield. Nirex.

BROWN, D.J., KERR, S.J. and CROSIER, J., 1997. Appropriate input devices for students with learning and motor skills difficulties: report to the National Council for Educational Technology. Report to the National Council for Educational Technology.

BUCHANAN, D., JORDAN, S., PRESTON, D. and SMITH, A.J., 1997. Doctor in the process: engaging clinical directors in hospital management. UNSPECIFIED.

COOPER, T., 1997. Sustaining the earth. Nottingham: St John's Extension Studies.

CRABBE, A. and THOMPSON, P., 1997. 'Design & Technical Dossier' for successful grant of Medical Device Approval (Directive 93/42/EEC & Medical Devices Regulation 1994:3017), 'Micro Clens System' (of microwave disinfecting for hydrogel contact lenses). UNSPECIFIED.

CRABBE, A. and THOMPSON, P., 1997. 'Design and manufacture of contact lens disinfection systems by Oculi Ltd.' for successful grant of EEC Design & Manufacturing Approval (Medical Devices) EN 46001:1996, and ISO 9001. UNSPECIFIED.

DE LEEUW, S., DE KOK, A.G. and VAN DONSELAAR, K.H., 1997. Forecasting techniques in logistics. TM/IDL.

DI BONITO, M., 1997. A comparison of interpolation methods for geological data: technical report. NERC.

HOLDAWAY, S., 1997. Equality and fairness in Lincolnshire Police: a survey of the workforce. Lincolnshire Police.

MCNISH, J.H., LABADZ, J.C. and BUTCHER, D.P., 1997. Hydrology and hydrochemistry of two acid sensitive headwaters in the River Esk catchment, North Yorkshire. Report to the Environment Agency. UNSPECIFIED.

WAKLEY, B.J., PASQUIRE, C.L. and ROGERS, C.D., 1997. Report on the comparative cost study for major roads: research report to the SWPA. UNSPECIFIED.

WHITTAKER, J., SMITH, A.J., BOOCOCK, J.G. and LOAN-CLARKE, J., 1997. Management National Vocational Qualifications and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Management Charter Initiative.

WOODALL, T., CULLEN, J., BENDALL, A. and MCCOLLIN, C., 1997. Quality and engineering results of the Engineering Quality Forum survey to establish ongoing requirements for education and competency for engineers in the fields of quality and reliability management. London: Institute of Electrical Engineering.

WOODALL, T., KAYE, W. and HUSSEIN, H., 1997. Certification survey: evaluating customers' satisfaction with 3rd party certification body performance. Dunstable: National Quality Assurance Ltd.

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