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ABRAHAMS, C., 2019. Comparison between lek counts and bioacoustic recording for monitoring Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus L.). Journal of Ornithology. ISSN 2193-7192

ADAMIDIS, V., 2019. The rhetorical use of torture in Attic forensic oratory. Rhetorica: a Journal of the History of Rhetoric, 37 (1), pp. 16-34. ISSN 0734-8584

ADLAM, C., 2019. World Illustration Awards 2018. University of Wales Trinity Saint David Gallery, Swansea, January - February 2019.

AHILAN, S., GUAN, M., WRIGHT, N., SLEIGH, A., ALLEN, D., ARTHUR, S., HAYNES, H. and KRIVTSOV, V., 2019. Modelling the long-term suspended sedimentological effects on stormwater pond performance in an urban catchment. Journal of Hydrology, 571, pp. 805-818. ISSN 0022-1694

AJMERA, I., HODGMAN, T.C. and LU, C., 2019. An integrative systems perspective on plant phosphate research. Genes, 10 (2): 139. ISSN 2073-4425

AL MAMUN, M.A. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2019. The association between Facebook addiction and depression: a pilot survey study among Bangladeshi students. Psychiatry Research, 271, pp. 628-633. ISSN 0165-1781

AL-MUTAIRI, S., CONNERTON, I. and DINGWALL, R., 2019. Understanding "corruption" in regulatory agencies: the case of food inspection in Saudi Arabia. Regulation & Governance. ISSN 1748-5983 (Forthcoming)

AL-SAMMAN, A., ABD. RAHMAN, T., AL-HADHRAMI, T., DAHO, A., HINDIA, M., AZMI, M., DIMYATI, K. and ALAZAB, M., 2019. Comparative study of indoor propagation model below and above 6 GHz for 5G wireless networks. Electronics, 8 (1): 44. ISSN 2079-9292

ALHANAFI, F., KAYSI, Y., MUNA, M., ALKHTIB, A., WAMATU, J. and BURTON, E., 2019. Spineless cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) and saltbush (Atriplex halimus L.) as feed supplements for fattening Awassi male lambs: effect on digestibility, water consumption, blood metabolites, and growth performance. Tropical Animal Health and Production. ISSN 0049-4747

ALI, J., ALI, N., WANG, L., WASEEM, H. and PAN, G., 2019. Revisiting the mechanistic pathways for bacterial mediated synthesis of noble metal nanoparticles. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 159, pp. 18-25. ISSN 0167-7012

ALKHTIB, A., BURTON, E., RISCHKOWSKY, B. and WAMATU, J., 2019. Can ruminant metabolizable energy of barley, chickpea and lentil straw be predicted using chemical composition? Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, 7 (1), pp. 74-85. ISSN 2320-8694

ALPASLAN, B., LIM, K.Y. and SONG, Y., 2019. The dynamics of health care and growth: a model with physician in dual practice. Canberra, Australia: Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, Australian National University.

ANDERSEN, E., 2019. Exhibition 209 Women: 209 photographers photograph 209 women. Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, February - April 2019.

ANDERSEN, E., 2019. Politics in portraiture: a conversation with Emily Andersen. LensCulture.

ANTONIOU, G., BATSAKIS, S., DAVIES, J., DUKE, A., MCCLUSKEY, T.L., PEYTCHEV, E., TACHMAZIDIS, I. and VALLATI, M., 2019. Enabling the use of a planning agent for urban traffic management via enriched and integrated urban data. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 98, pp. 284-297. ISSN 0968-090X

ARMANNSDOTTIR, G., PICH, C. and SPRY, L., 2019. Exploring the creation and development of political co-brand identity: a multi-case study approach. Qualitative Market Research: an International Journal. ISSN 1352-2752 (Forthcoming)

ARNULL, E. and RYDER, J., 2019. ‘Because it’s fun’: English and American girls’ counter-hegemonic stories of alcohol and marijuana use. Journal of Youth Studies. ISSN 1367-6261

ASEJCZK-WIDLICKA, M., JÓŹWIK, A., KASPRZAK, H., SOBCZAK, M. and PIERSCIONEK, B.K., 2019. Data analysis of the Ocular Response Analyzer for improved distinction and detection of glaucoma. Journal of the Optical Society of America A. ISSN 1084-7529 (Forthcoming)

AWAN, I. and ZEMPI, I., 2019. Student textbook of Islamophobia. Abingdon: Routledge. (Forthcoming)

AZOULAY, N., WINDER, B., MURPHY, L. and FEDOROFF, J.P., 2019. Circles of support and accountability (CoSA): a review of the development of CoSA and its international implementation. International Review of Psychiatry. ISSN 0954-0261 (Forthcoming)


BAILEY, D., KEMP, L., WRIGHT, N. and MUTALE, G., 2019. Talk About Self Harm (TASH): participatory action research with young people, GPs and practice nurses to explore how the experiences of young people who self-harm could be improved in GP surgeries. Family Practice. ISSN 0263-2136 (Forthcoming)

BAKAS, D. and MAKHLOUF, Y., 2019. Can the insider-outsider theory explain unemployment hysteresis in OECD countries? Oxford Economic Papers. ISSN 0030-7653

BARBERA, C., JONES, M., KORAC, S., SALITERER, I. and STECCOLINI, I., 2019. Forthcoming local government strategies in the face of shocks and crises: the role of anticipatory capacities and financial vulnerability. International Review of Administrative Sciences. ISSN 0020-8523 (Forthcoming)

BELTON, D.J., HICKMAN, G.J. and PERRY, C.C., 2019. Traditional materials from new sources – conflicts in analytical methods for calcium carbonate. Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A - Chemistry, Analysis, Control, Exposure & Risk Assessment. ISSN 1944-0049 (Forthcoming)

BENKWITZ, A., MORRISON, M. and HEALY, L.C., 2019. An ethnographic study exploring football sessions for medium-secure mental health service-users: utilising the CHIME conceptual framework as an evaluative tool. Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health. ISSN 2198-9834

BIN NAHARUDIN, M.N., YUSOF, A., SHAW, H., STOCKTON, M., CLAYTON, D.J. and JAMES, L.J., 2019. Breakfast omission reduces subsequent resistance exercise performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. ISSN 1064-8011

BISWAL, B.P., VALLIGATLA, S., SAAD, N.A., MARISERLA, M.B.M.K., WANG, M., CHANDRASEKHAR, N., BECKER, D., ADDICOAT, M., SENKOVSKA, I., BERGER, R., RAO, D.N., KASKEL, S., FENG, X. and BANERJEE, T., 2019. Nonlinear optical switching in regioregular porphyrin covalent organic frameworks. Angewandte Chemie. ISSN 1433-7851

BLACHE, Y., DUMAS, R., DE GUISE, J., SAITHNA, A., SONNERY-COTTET, B. and THAUNAT, M., 2019. Technical considerations in lateral extra-articular reconstruction coupled with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a simulation study evaluating the influence of surgical parameters on control of knee stability. Clinical Biomechanics, 61, pp. 136-143. ISSN 0268-0033

BLAGDEN, N. and WILSON, K., 2019. "We're all the same here". Investigating the rehabilitative climate of a re-rolled sexual offender prison: a qualitative longitudinal study. Sexual Abuse: a Journal of Research and Treatment. ISSN 1079-0632 (Forthcoming)

BLAGDEN, N. and WINDER, B., 2019. Helping to rehabilitate sex offenders is controversial – but it can prevent more abuse. The Conversation.

BLAGDEN, N., WINDER, B. and LIEVESLEY, R., 2019. "The resurrection after the old has gone and the new has come": understanding narratives of forgiveness, redemption and resurrection in Christian individuals serving time in custody for a sexual offence. Psychology, Crime & Law. ISSN 1068-316X (Forthcoming)

BORMAN, P., MOFFATT, C., MURRAY, S., YAMAN, A., DENIZLI, M., DALYAN, M., UNSAL-DELIALIOĞLU, S., EYIGÖR, S., AYHAN, F., ÇAKIT, B.D., VURAL, S., ÖZDEMIR, O., KURT, E., ÇELIK, E.C., CERRAHOĞLU, L., KEPEKÇI, M., TERZIOĞLU, F. and DONMEZ, A.A., 2019. LIMPRINT study - the Turkish experience. Lymphatic Research and Biology. ISSN 1539-6851 (Forthcoming)

BOUTEFNOUCHET, T., JORDAN, R., BHABRA, G., MODI, C. and SAITHNA, A., 2019. Comparison of outcomes following arthroscopic capsular release for idiopathic, diabetic and secondary adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder: a systematic review. Orthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research. ISSN 1877-0568 (Forthcoming)

BRANCO ILLODO, I., SIEBERS, L.Q., LEE, L. and LI, F., 2019. The role of employee attachment in creating service climate: a low-skilled workers’ perspective. In: 22nd Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, 9-12 July 2019. (Forthcoming)

BROWN, C.J., BUTT, J. and SARKAR, M., 2019. Overcoming performance slumps: psychological resilience in expert cricket batsmen. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. ISSN 1041-3200

BUL'AJOUL, W., JAMES, A. and SHAIKH, S., 2019. A new architecture for network intrusion detection and prevention. IEEE Access, 7, pp. 18558-18573. ISSN 2169-3536

BURNS, C., ECKERSLEY, P. and TOBIN, P., 2019. EU environmental policy in times of crisis. Journal of European Public Policy. ISSN 1350-1763


CALABRIA, V., 2019. Self-reflexivity in oral history research: the role of positionality and emotions. In: P. BRAY, ed., Voices of illness: negotiating meaning and identity. At the interface/probing the boundaries, 120 . Leiden: Brill | Rodopi. ISBN 9789004396067

CAMERON, E.Z., YON, L., WILLIAMS, E., HARVEY, N.D. and ASHER, L., 2019. Development of a behavioural welfare assessment tool for routine use with captive elephants. PLOS ONE, 14 (2): e0210783. ISSN 1932-6203

CAMPBELL, A. and MOFFATT, P., 2019. Bank insolvency: the introduction of ring-fencing in the UK: an example to be followed? Journal of Business Law. ISSN 0021-9460 (Forthcoming)

CANALE, N., MARINO, C., GRIFFITHS, M.D., SCACCHI, L., MONACI, M.G. and VIENO, A., 2019. The association between problematic online gaming and perceived stress: the moderating effect of psychological resilience. Journal of Behavioral Addictions. ISSN 2062-5871

CARLING, B., GENTLE, L.K. and RAY, N.D., 2019. Several parameters that influence body size in the sea anemone Actinia equina in rock pools on the Yorkshire coast. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. ISSN 0025-3154 (Forthcoming)

CERVATO, E., EPSTEIN, M., SANTI, G. and WRIGHT, S., 2019. Mapping Leopardi: poetic and philosophical intersections. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 9781527521834

CHICO, G., CLUTTERBUCK, B., LINDSAY, R., MIDGLEY, N.G. and LABADZ, J., 2019. Identification and classification of unmapped blanket bogs in the Cordillera Cantábrica, northern Spain. Mires and Peat, 24: 2. ISSN 1819-754X

CICCARELLI, M., COSENZA, M., D'OLIMPIO, F., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and NIGRO, G., 2019. An experimental investigation of the role of delay discounting and craving in gambling chasing behavior. Addictive Behaviors, 93, pp. 250-256. ISSN 0306-4603

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CRESSWELL, E., RICHENS, I.F. and WAPENAAR, W., 2019. On-farm handling and storage of medicines on beef and dairy farms. In Practice. ISSN 1754-4882 (Forthcoming)

CROWE, E., HOWARD, C.J., ATTWOOD, A. and KENT, C., 2019. Goal-directed unequal attention allocation during multiple object tracking. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics. ISSN 1943-3921 (Forthcoming)

CUMPER, P. and LEWIS, T., 2019. Human rights and religious litigation - faith in the law. Oxford Journal of Law and Religion. ISSN 2047-0770 (Forthcoming)

CUMPER, P. and LEWIS, T., 2019. Uncertainty, irony and subsidiarity: blanket bans and the European Court of Human Rights's procedural turn. International and Comparative Law Quarterly. ISSN 0020-5893 (Forthcoming)


DABIĆ, M., MALEY, J.F., DANA, L.P., PELLEGRINI, M. and CAPUTO, A., 2019. Pathways of SME internationalization: a bibliometric and systematic review. Small Business Economics: an Entrepreneurship Journal. ISSN 0921-898X (Forthcoming)

DABIĆ, M., VLAČIĆ, E., RAMANATHAN, U. and EGRI, C.P., 2019. Evolving absorptive capacity: the mediating role of systematic knowledge management. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. ISSN 0018-9391

DAI, M., NAKAGAMI, G., SUGAMA, J., KOBAYASHI, J., KIMURA, E., ARAI, Y., SATO, A., MERCIER, G., MOFFATT, C., MURRAY, S. and SANADA, H., 2019. The prevalence and functional impact of chronic edema and lymphedema in Japan: LIMPRINT study. Lymphatic Research and Biology. ISSN 1539-6851 (Forthcoming)

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FEI, X., SHAH, N., VERBA, N., CHAO, K.-M., SANCHEZ-ANGUIX, V., LEWANDOWSKI, J., JAMES, A. and USMAN, Z., 2019. CPS data streams analytics based on machine learning for Cloud and Fog computing: a survey. Future Generation Computer Systems, 90, pp. 435-450. ISSN 0167-739X

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FISHER, T., 2019. Concealed trickery: design and the arms industry. In: T. FISHER and L. GAMMAN, eds., Tricky design: the ethics of things. London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts. ISBN 9781474277181 (Forthcoming)

FISHER, T. and GAMMAN, L., 2019. Tricky design: the ethics of things. London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts. ISBN 9781474277181 (Forthcoming)

FORD, P., 2019. Using 100% recycled ABS in plastic products (Phase 1, background research and initial concept design).

FORD, P., 2019. Using 100% recycled ABS in plastic products (Phase 2, prototyping development & testing).

FRIEL, M., KUNC, H.P., GRIFFIN, K., ASHER, L. and COLLINS, L.M., 2019. Positive and negative contexts predict duration of pig vocalisations. Scientific Reports, 9: 2062. ISSN 2045-2322

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