Laser processing of solution based antimony doped tin oxide thin films

Abeywickrama, N.U., 2013. Laser processing of solution based antimony doped tin oxide thin films. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


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Antimony doped Tin oxide (SnO2:Sb, or ATO) is of interest as an alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) for large area optoelectronic applications. There is a particular interest in the potential for solution based coatings based on nanoparticulate suspensions of SnO2:Sb. However, solution processed films typically require a high temperature (~700⁰C) annealing step to achieve the desired electrical and optical properties. This is disadvantageous for applications that would benefit from low cost, low temperature/flexible substrates. As an alternative to conventional high temperature annealing, excimer laser processing can provide highly localized energy dissipation, and is an attractive technique to functionalise coated materials. Therefore the work presented in this thesis investigates the use of excimer laser processing to optimise the electrical and optical properties of solution deposited SnO2:Sb thin films for use in electroluminescent display devices. Thin films of SnO2:Sb were deposited using dip coating, inkjet printing and the spin coating technique. By varying the numbers of spin coatings deposited, a series of samples were prepared on Eagle XG glass substrates with different thicknesses of SnO2:Sb (ranging from 0.2 μm to 1.4 μm). The initial sheet resistance, optical transmission and crystal structure of the deposited films was studied. The films were subsequently post processed using three different annealing techniques: (i) Laser Processing: samples were laser processed in air to optimise the sheet resistance and optical transmission.

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Creators: Abeywickrama, N.U.
Date: 2013
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