The potential of DNA structure to provide a resource for the creation of art

Kim, S., 2007. The potential of DNA structure to provide a resource for the creation of art. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


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Art's search for new subjects and methods and science's need for effective communication have led to the creation of what is known as Sci-Art. It is the central argument of this thesis that collaboration between creative and scientific disciplines can play a useful role in society, but that this potential is held back by misunderstanding of the roles of art and science.

The main purpose of this practice-based research project, which is also supported by a written thesis, is to determine the relationship between artists and scientists, focusing on the visualisation of DNA. The project will identify their shared approaches to its representation, and will explore the history of DNA as an iconic form. An additional purpose of this study is to analyse the importance of the role of collaboration between scientists and artists including its application to education.

My method is to review Sci-Art work and analyze the benefit of collaboration between science and art. Part of this research will focus on the benefits of Sci-Art collaboration for education. This part of the research involved a case study at Trinity Catholic School, with a project called Laboratories. Collaborative artworks and exhibitions are the final outcome of this project; they explore the ways in which Sci-Art can be developed as a useful form of interdisciplinary practice. These creative methods provide a route to a deeper understanding of the relationship between art and science.

The thesis demonstrates through a combination of theoretical argument and creative practice that Sci-Art has the potential to: Act as an aid to understanding difficult scientific concepts; add to debate about the ethical issues surrounding science and increase the effectiveness of education.

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Date: 2007
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