Applying survival analysis to investigate mobile retail applications from a customer perceived value perspective

Zhu, K., 2017. Applying survival analysis to investigate mobile retail applications from a customer perceived value perspective. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The purpose of this thesis is to analyse consumer decision-making processes on mobile service channels from both behavioural and perceptive perspectives on time dimension. With mobile channel becoming one of the major service channels, electronic retailers must ensure that their mobile retail application design is able to create usage value to their customers. The investigation of the impacts from the value co-creation on this channel to consumers' actual behaviours is based on the understanding of both cognitive and emotional perspective of consumer decision-making processes. The research aim is to therefore compare the results from survival analysis on behavioural data, and the results from structural equation modelling on questionnaire data, to explore the relationships between the usage of mobile application functions, the time consumption of a decision-making process and the probability of reaching a decision, and to provide insights on designing mobile retail application.
This thesis, on one hand, employs Prospect Theory, the Theory of Planned Behaviour and Minkowski Spacetime as its theoretical foundations, and uses customer perceived value as a research lens to develop the research design. On the other hand, it develops survival analysis to investigate the actual practical value of using mobile retail applications in the context of a major health and beauty retailer, Boots' website, and uses structural equation modelling to test a conceptual model representing the prediction of customer perceived value on mobile service channels. The comparison and contrast between the results from these two separate studies offer a better understanding of consumer behaviours in this context.
This study is one of the first to apply survival analysis to investigate consumer decision-making process on mobile service channels. It is also one of the first research that analyses consumer behaviours and perceptions from a temporal perspective. This work offers original insights and important findings for both marketing academics and practitioners.

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Date: July 2017
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