A critical appraisal of secured transactions over personal property in Nigeria: legal problems and a proposal for reform

Otabor-Olubor, I., 2017. A critical appraisal of secured transactions over personal property in Nigeria: legal problems and a proposal for reform. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The thesis contemplates the need for Nigerian policy makers to undertake a reform of secured transactions law to meet international best standards, building upon earlier, unsuccessful, efforts by lawmakers, and drawing upon international benchmarks. It critically analyses the Registration of Security Interests in Movable Property by Banks and Other Financial Institutions in Nigeria (Regulation No.1 2015) 'CBNR' published on 2 February 2015. The CBNR, with a primary aim of facilitating affordable credit, and to modernise secured transactions law through the use of personal property as collateral, has departed from its previous position which it inherited from England.
This thesis has drawn comparisons between the CBNR and prior reform initiatives particularly the Draft Law 2009 prepared by the Centre for the Economic Analysis of Law (CEAL). These reforms, which were not implemented, recommended wholesale changes to harmonise all existing secured transactions law in Nigeria. The CBNR does not follow this approach, but instead, adopts a piecemeal approach to reform. Correspondingly, this forms the framework within which this study has been undertaken with reference to whether a piecemeal or wholesale reform is now required.
This thesis has followed the International Finance Corporation (IFC) approach which focuses on a three-stage secured transactions reform strategy - modernisation of the existing legal framework; establishment of an electronic collateral registry; a concerted effort towards building capacity. With the assistance of international secured transactions legal frameworks such as the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions 2007, and its Registry Guide 2014, the CBNR has been benchmarked against these adaptable legal frameworks for the purpose of harmonising secured transactions law, in search of the international best practice which may be desirable for Nigeria. The thesis identifies and discusses at length several problems and inconsistencies associated with the CNBR, and the thesis makes suggestions for a wholesale reform of the Nigerian secured transactions law.
This thesis builds on existing knowledge on secured transactions law reform with particular reference, and usefulness, to sub-Saharan African countries and other developing countries that wish to attempt a similar reform of this nature.

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Date: March 2017
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