Selective heritage management in divided cities: focusing on Nicosia's walled city centre

Pieri, C., 2017. Selective heritage management in divided cities: focusing on Nicosia's walled city centre. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The aims of this PhD thesis are to investigate the impact of conflict and division on walled Nicosia's heritage, in order to address existing gaps in knowledge concerning the heritage and heritage management of the city; and to further knowledge on existing heritage management approaches on either side of the city’s divide. To achieve this, a multidisciplinary review of literature and research methods within the international heritage discourse is initially presented, and introduces relevant themes and a conceptual framework that guides the case study data collection and analysis. The thesis later concentrates on the case study of walled Nicosia, presents and critically analyses the field work findings in light of the established conceptual framework. In doing so, a stronger understanding of practical considerations behind the management of the city's cultural heritage is established and employed to further develop the conceptual framework, as well as a set of recommendations that seek to benefit the city and its stakeholders.

The objectives of this thesis are as follows:
o To identify gaps and contributions concerning the heritage management of the city, by examining existing literature, as well as local and international approaches relevant to Nicosia.
o To develop a context-specific conceptual framework relevant to the case study of Nicosia, through the identification of relevant themes and theoretical approaches around the topics of heritage and heritage management.
o To apply the empirical data obtained from walled Nicosia in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the Nicosia Master Plan, NGOs and bi-communal initiatives on the tangible and intangible heritage of the city on both sides of the divide.
o To explore and expose new, alternative strategies for knowledge production and dissemination, by communicating the significance of the findings and methodology to Nicosia and to relevant international cases.

To address the above aims and objectives, this research utilises a qualitative case study approach. The data collection methods employed during the course of this study include structured and semi-structured interviews from several actors in Nicosia and empirical field studies. The outcomes of this research include the composition of a diverse body of primary data in the form of interviews, photographs, maps and diagrams from the case study of walled Nicosia.

Contributions to knowledge are claimed in the following four areas:
o Contribution based on the novel topic of the research; o The contribution to knowledge based on the research process;
o Contribution of thesis based on the conceptual framework;
o The broader contribution of this thesis to relevant cases in addition to the one of Nicosia.

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