The intercultural experiences of Saudis in the UK: gender segregation and media Islamophobia

Salamah, M.W., 2016. The intercultural experiences of Saudis in the UK: gender segregation and media Islamophobia. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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Segregation by gender in Saudi Arabia has had an enormous effect on the development of that society and Saudi citizens. The impact of gender segregation on the way that Saudi citizens interact with each other and the outside world should not be underestimated. As a cultural and social practice, gender segregation is inextricably linked to religious and political ideologies. Unlike countries in the West, where sectarian religious practices are separated from secular political systems, Saudi Arabia does not differentiate between religious and political ideologies. For citizens from Saudi Arabia that live in countries such as the United Kingdom, the experience of moving from their traditional social and cultural environment to another, entirely different environment can be particularly difficult and challenging. In order to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by migrants to the UK from Saudi Arabia, a research study was carried out with Saudi citizens currently working and studying in the UK. The study highlighted the problems experienced by the participants, specifically fears of increased Islamophobia following the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre, negative media bias towards Muslims and Islam, as well as social, cultural and religious differences that in some cases prevented the participants from fully engaging in UK society. These differences included attitudes towards other religions, gender integration, and more open moral attitudes.

The goal of this study is to examine the intercultural experience of Saudis in the United Kingdom in the context of mix gender and western media Islamophobia regarding cultural differences. Moreover, to also examine the impacts that intercultural experience have on the Saudis' cultural identity while living in the UK in a mix gender setting and their perceive of the western media Islamophobia. That will help to find the answers to following questions: How the process of intercultural experience of Saudi migrants in the UK might be shaped by cultural differences in the context of free gender mix setting and western media Islamophobia? What are the impacts of intercultural experience may have on Saudis' cultural identity in regards to blended genders setting and western media Islamophobia? The study, will discuss the intercultural experience of Saudis in the UK and what they faced, providing basic information on substantial problems such as discrimination, segregation, marginalization, social and political exclusion.

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Date: November 2016
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