The development of novel electroanalytical interfaces for point of care diagnostics

Newton, L.A.A., 2012. The development of novel electroanalytical interfaces for point of care diagnostics. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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Reduced sulphydryl thiols (RSH): cysteine, homocysteine and glutathione are fundamental cellular components having important biological functions, including roles within the pathogenesis of a variety of clinical conditions. Independent analysis of these species is problematic and analytical difficulties relating to instrumental selectivity and sensitivity need to be overcome. This thesis describes the work carried out on the development and characterisation of a range of systems that could be used to facilitate thiol detection, ideally at the point-of-care, focussing largely on electrochemical techniques. Silver-thiol interactions were studied as a route to assist the sample processing. Here a novel controlled silver release mechanism was assessed. Silver release was found to be dependent upon the thiol structure. This has possible future applications to the development of methods to prevent biofilm formation, although the full mechanism of silver-thiol release requires further understanding. The development of unique molecular imprinted polymers was attempted. These would facilitate the detection of amino acids and the relevant thiol species via the amine functionality.

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Creators: Newton, L.A.A.
Date: 2012
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