Legal education in 'Islamic Law' for legal practice in England and Wales: an 'Islamic Law' framework for legal professionals

Al-Qasim, S., 2019. Legal education in 'Islamic Law' for legal practice in England and Wales: an 'Islamic Law' framework for legal professionals. DLegal, Nottingham Trent University.

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The aim of this study is to identify the extent to which there is a need for knowledge of 'Islamic Law' as part of legal education for legal professionals, in particular solicitors and barristers, in England and Wales. It has, through a critical literature review and two small scale research projects, examined the meaning of 'Islamic Law' in the context of legal practice, explored how 'Islamic Law' is currently integrated into legal education in England and Wales and, examined how it can be provided as part of legal education to enable students who then become legal professionals to practise it competently. The study therefore explores the background and context of Muslims in Britain, the nuances of 'Islamic Law' in legal practice, as well as the current status of legal education and its future in regard to 'Islamic Law', in England and Wales.

The results of the literature review and empirical work in this study indicate that there is a pressing need for knowledge and skills in 'Islamic Law', required for legal practice that is not currently being met by legal education. Although some limited higher education provision in 'Islamic Law' was located on the basis of the data obtained for this thesis, this provision is inadequate to enable legal professionals to practise 'Islamic Law' competently, and consequently, is unable to address 'Islamic Law's' increasing significance in England and Wales. This thesis, therefore, culminates in the proposal of the first ever 'Islamic Law' framework, to the researcher's knowledge, that is tailored specifically for legal practice in England and Wales. It is uniquely drafted, with reference to the competencies of solicitors and barristers, as part of legal education for legal professionals in this jurisdiction, in order to bridge the gap.

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Date: February 2019
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