Transfer of study skills from one context to another: promoting and inhibiting factors in a group of 13-14 year old pupils

Pearce, A., 1993. Transfer of study skills from one context to another: promoting and inhibiting factors in a group of 13-14 year old pupils. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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This research programme explores conditions which may promote or inhibit the transfer of learning. That learning can be transferred from one area of the curriculum to another is a common sense notion implicit in education. However, research suggests that although transfer of learning is desirable, it does not often happen.

The research programme was carried out within the action research paradigm, which it is argued is the most appropriate paradigm for classroom practitioner research. Two forms of action research are identified, self-evaluation action research and emancipatory action research, and it is argued that this research programme is an example of emancipatory action research.

A mixed ability class of fourteen year old pupils worked, over a period of six weeks, through a Study pack which introduced them to library research skills. The Study pack led the pupils through the research process, as defined by Irving (1985), and each of the pupils produced a research report on a subject of their own choice. Four months later an RE assignment was used as the transfer task. Here, the pupils were expected to use library research to satisfactorily complete the assignment, but they were not directed to.

Research into the transfer of learning has almost exclusively focused on university students and pupils with special learning difficulties, and has concluded that engaging in metacognition is the most significant influence on transfer. This research programme has identified the following conditions which appeared, in this sample of mixed ability fourteen year old pupils, to promote or inhibit the transfer of learning.
(a) pupils' engagement in metacognition while learning the library research skills, and while engaged in the transfer task;
(b) pupils' understanding of the demands of the task;
(c) pupils' engagement in the transfer task.

The research programme concludes by offering suggestions to teachers who want to encourage their pupils to transfer the skills they have learnt in one context and to apply them to another.

Item Type: Thesis
Creators: Pearce, A.
Date: 1993
ISBN: 9781369323504
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