Novel functionalised tetrathiafulvalene derivatives

Brown, R.J., 2003. Novel functionalised tetrathiafulvalene derivatives. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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This thesis describes the synthesis of a range of functionalised derivatives of bis (ethylenedithio) tetrathiafulvalene, known as BEDT- TTF or ET, and preliminary investigations of the radical cation salts for several of these materials. The syntheses involve reactions of the dithiolate 1 or the trithione 2. [diagram].

Chapter 2 is concerned with the synthesis of hydroxy- functionalised ET donors, namely racemic HMET, 3 and racemic HEET, 4. The preparation of radical cation salts of HMET, with simple non- magnetic and magnetic anions, and measurement of their properties is discussed. [diagram].

Chapter 3 describes the preparation of novel ET derivatives functionalised with more than one hydroxyl substituent in order to introduce extra hydrogen bonding potential. The investigation centred on the preparation of the trans- diol ET, 5 and the ET- tetrol, 6. The first diastereoselective reaction of trithione 2 is reported. [diagram].

Chapter 4 reports on the preparation of ET derivatives appended with ester or amide functionality. Investigations into the synthesis of both racemic and enantiomeric forms of the ET- ethanoate 7 were carried out successfully. The preparation of amide 8 and a number of N- substituted amides are described. It is envisaged that the dual nature of the amide group in molecules such as 8 will provide strong hydrogen bonding interactions from both donor to donor and also from donor to anion. Initial investigations into the preparation of radical cation salts of ET- amides is discussed. [diagram].

Chapter 5 reports on further synthetic approaches into novel organosulfur donors related to ET. Investigations were focused on obtaining ET or TTF- type donors endowed with multi- hydroxy functionality via the dithiolate 9, or trithione 2. [diagram].

Item Type: Thesis
Creators: Brown, R.J.
Date: 2003
ISBN: 9781369315714
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