Interactive electromagnetic circuits for synchronous machines

Hudson, W.J., 1997. Interactive electromagnetic circuits for synchronous machines. MPhil, Nottingham Trent University.

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The work presented in this thesis describes the development of new equivalent circuit modelling techniques for representing a synchronous machine during transient conditions. The models make use of the similarities between magnetic and electric field quantities by representing magnetic flux with electric flux within the equivalent circuit model. This representation permits the development of equivalent circuit models, the topology of which is consistent with the topology of the magnetic circuit they represented. The method of development is, therefore, genera! and is by no means limited to the development of models for the synchronous machine.

A brief description of the historical development of equivalent circuit models in general is presented. Alternative equivalent techniques proposed by a number of authors are identified and reviewed. A detailed investigation and evaluation of an equivalent circuit technique in which the rate of change of magnetic flux is represented by electric current is performed. This analogy is developed and it is suggested that magnetic flux may be more appropriately described as being analogous to electric flux. The use of single dimensional permeance components within two dimensional space is also discussed.

An original technique is developed to represent complex interlinking magnetic and electric circuits using equivalent circuit methods. The technique is developed specifically to allow a detailed representation of the eddy current and damper circuits within the synchronous machine's rotor but may also be applied more generally. The representation enables eddy current and damper circuits to be represented implicitly within a simplified equivalent circuit model of the magnetic circuit. A generalised matrix, termed the "dampance matrix", emerges from this work which significantly simplifies the implementation of equivalent circuit models.

Successful simulations are performed for flux decay and frequency response tests on three typical synchronous machines. Limited success is also achieved with the simulation of the sudden short circuit test. A comprehensive range of quantities are obtained from the test simulations. These include both terminal quantities and less accessible electrical quantities present within the machine's rotor. The results obtained from the equivalent circuit simulations compare well with both actual test data and finite element simulation results.

Item Type: Thesis
Creators: Hudson, W.J.
Date: 1997
ISBN: 9781369325034
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