Investigation into, and development of, personal navigation software

Morrison, R., 1997. Investigation into, and development of, personal navigation software. MPhil, Nottingham Trent University.

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This thesis describes and discusses an investigation into, and development of, a personal navigation software system. Current navigation technology and techniques are reviewed, from the traditional map and compass to the Global Positioning System and the electronic compass. This review highlights the deficiencies within current navigation technology and techniques, and establishes the possibility of creating a personal navigation device, part of which would be the software designed, developed and investigated in the thesis.

The design and development of the software is presented, illustrating that by translating those actions which the navigator currently carries out into an electronic equivalent, the Electronic Navigation Environment is created with four distinct modules: Map Display, Global Positioning System Driver, Tools and Software User Interface.

Systems testing assessed whether or not the Electronic Navigation Environment was operational and met the requirements of the User. The following tests were carried out: Map Display operation with vector and raster data;
Global Positioning System Driver accuracy and static and mobile operation;
Tool operation with vector and raster data;
Software User Interface ease of use and ease of learning.

The results and analysis suggest that most aspects of the system are operational and meet the user requirements in terms of functionality, ease of use and ease of learning. However two main shortfalls are highlighted:
The accuracy of the Global Positioning System Driver was +/-102 metres which is not sufficient when using map scales larger than 1:50 000;
The effective operation of the navigation software is reduced when colour raster data is displayed.

These shortfalls could be reduced or eradicated by adopting the following proposals:
Module integration by upgrading the software used as a design platform;
Use of Differential Global Positioning Systems to improve driver accuracy.

The research in this thesis illustrates that the Electronic Navigation Environment is a feasible and successful design which has the potential for fixture development and improvement.

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Creators: Morrison, R.
Date: 1997
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