Sustainable lighting product development underpinned by online data mining and life cycle assessment

Chai, Z. ORCID: 0000-0001-6233-9024, 2022. Sustainable lighting product development underpinned by online data mining and life cycle assessment. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The accurate acquisition of customer requirement information is an important part in product planning and positioning, it plays a decisive role in the success of products in the market. the rapid development of e-commerce makes increasing more consumers shopping online and a big volume of customer reviews are posted on different Websites. The online reviews contain valuable opinions of customers, enabling designers to understand their concerns. In this research, an integrated approach has been developed to mine customer requirements according to the online reviews collected from e-commerce sites to form product design specifications. The main research contents include the following aspects: (1) development of useful online review prediction and classification approach; (2) online review implicit product features and sentiment analysis based on the constructed feature and sentiment lexicon; (3) built a knowledge base containing customer requirements mined from online reviews; (4) conduct a dedicated environmental and social LCA on the proposed domestic lighting product by using a professional LCA software.

In this study, multiple models and technologies/methods have been successfully implemented: review helpfulness classification model has been constructed based on the training set and test set by tuning and optimizing; proposes a new approach to implicit feature and sentiment analysis, based on explicit formal feature-emotion sentences, implicit feature sentences and implicit sentiment sentences, combined with a feature lexicon, a 1V1/1Vn sentiment-feature rule base and the feature-emotion word pairs are extracted; based on the preliminary analysis results of feature extraction and sentiment analysis, combined with KANO model to establish user requirement mining rules, and consider satisfaction, propose the user demand priority to obtain the final list of user requirements; a real industrial context with lighting product manufacturer (ONA) in Spain has involved with the lighting product life cycle analysis and development for new product. The analytical results of these studies present an in-depth modelling and analysis on the sustainable lighting product lifecycle with the aid of real manufacturing data.

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Date: January 2022
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