Innovation, ambidexterity, and interaction of managers at different levels: cases in Chinese banking sector

Liu, H., 2022. Innovation, ambidexterity, and interaction of managers at different levels: cases in Chinese banking sector. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The importance of innovation in the dynamic environment has been highlighted in the past decades. Organisational ambidexterity, as capacity of organisation to achieve in both incremental and radical innovation, has been explored to be important to organisations’ longterm survival. However, little has been studied in banking sector on how managers at different levels foster organisations' capability for innovation and change. This research extends the ambidexterity research by exploring the relationship between exploitation and exploration, and the impact of the interaction of managers at different levels on organisational ambidexterity in Chinese banking sector. In addition, this research aims to explore the effect of organisational ambidexterity on firm competitiveness in the Chinese banking sector. After that, this research explores how managers at different levels interact with each other to facilitate organisational ambidexterity.

Mixed methods. Focusing on three state-owned banks in China, 202 questionnaires and 24 interviews were conducted. Analysis of the findings is conducted using SPSS for linear regression in quantitative analysis and NVivo for thematic analysis in qualitative analysis.

Findings suggest that exploitation and exploration promote each other; interaction of managers at different levels contributes to exploration, exploitation, and ambidexterity; and exploitation, exploration and ambidexterity enhance organisational competitiveness in the Chinese banking sector. Further, this research unravels how managers interact with other to facilitate exploitation, 5 exploration, and ambidexterity, thus solving the tension between exploitation and exploration in a way of making exploitation and exploration complement each other. Thus, this research contribute knowledge to the area of manager’s interaction and organisational ambidexterity. More specifically, the conclusion of this research is that the ambidextrous activities of managers shaped by the interaction between managers at different levels is very important to achieve improved or sustained competitiveness in the organisation. This research is limited in the context of Chinese banking sector, and future research of different context is recommended.

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Date: March 2022
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