Psychosocial determinants of successful resettlement among Nigerian immigrants resident in England: a mixed methods approach

Ubah, A. ORCID: 0000-0002-4172-4449, 2023. Psychosocial determinants of successful resettlement among Nigerian immigrants resident in England: a mixed methods approach. [Dataset] (Forthcoming)

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This research explores the meaning of successful resettlement and factors that lead to it for Nigerians living in England. The project aimed: 1. To explore and illuminate the lived experience of the research community; 2. To develop and test a theoretical model of successful resettlement among the research community. In addressing the research questions (RQs), a mixed-method research design was utilised.

The first study was qualitative. It used an in-depth semi-structured telephone interview to grasp the meaning of successful resettlement and explore factors around it. Thirty-two participants selected through purposive sampling took part between 01/08/2020 and 16/08/2020. The data collected were analysed using deductive and inductive TA. The following analytical framework which has themes and sub-themes were the main findings: Acculturation Experience; Factors of Successful Resettlement; Mental Wellbeing; and Successful Resettlement. Interview lasted approximately 60 minutes and ranged between 32 minutes (shortest) and 109 minutes (longest). The transcripts are deposited as word documents.

The analysis of these interview data were used to develop questionnaire for the second study.

The second study was a quantitative study informed by the findings of Study One. It was aimed at: 1. Further exploring the findings of the first study; 2. Developing a scale that measures successful resettlement. The main online survey, conducted between 25/06/2021 and 30/09/2021, had 308 responses but 213 were used for data analysis after cleaning the data. The follow up survey, conducted between 16/07/2021 and 30/09/2021, had 55 responses but 50 were used for data analysis because the rest did not complete their responses.

The anonymised dataset for both main survey and follow up data are deposited in excel. Each of them has two sets of data from Qualtrics (choice words and numeric values).

A range of analyses which included exploratory factor analysis was conducted to develop a successful resettlement scale, and multiple regression analysis was used to find out predictors of successful resettlement. The main findings are that successful resettlement means: Being part of the community; Job security; Financial stability; and Accomplishment. Key predictors of successful resettlement are: An increase in informational support increases wellbeing; An increase in acculturation stress decreases wellbeing; An increase in loneliness decreases wellbeing. These confirm some of the findings of Study One. There was also a significant relationship between successful resettlement and mental wellbeing.

This is the first project to develop a scale that measures the successful resettlement of immigrants and find out the meaning and predictors of successful resettlement from two studies.

Keywords: Successful resettlement, Resettlement, Nigerians, Nigerian immigrants, Immigrants, England

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