HR practices around workability in the UK in the context of an ageing workforce

Gkiontsi, D. ORCID: 0000-0001-8831-7608, 2023. HR practices around workability in the UK in the context of an ageing workforce. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The concept of workability introduced by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, has been widely used in Nordic countries in terms of ageing workforce and extension of working lives. This PhD thesis aims to explore the role of workplace practices around workability in two organisations in the UK. The research aims of the thesis are to investigate the HR practices that are relevant to workability in the context of an ageing workforce in the UK. Additionally, it is explored how workability is understood/conceptualised in the UK context. Moreover, it is studied how HR practices impact on workability in the context of an ageing workforce in the UK. A mixed-methods design was adopted to address the research questions of the thesis providing an exploration of different perspectives. The first and the second research questions were addressed through a qualitative study which involves interviews with managers and focus groups with employees to identify the HR practices that are relevant to workability as well as the contextual factors that can affect the implementation and perception of HR practices in relation to workability as well as how workability is understood in the UK. The data were analysed using applied thematic analysis. The third research question is addressed through a quantitative study which involves the first wave of a two-wave survey of non-managerial employees. To explore the existence of any causal relationship between perceived HR practices and workability, a second wave of survey was conducted involving a four-month time lag. These data were analysed using exploratory factor analysis and hierarchical regression analysis. The key findings from the qualitative study showed that there is a number of HR practices in relation workability such as flexible working options, performance appraisals, ergonomic adjustments etc. Also, the participant organisations offered several HR practices that were relevant to all participants including the older ones. The key findings from the quantitative study showed that there are two bundles of HR practices: the bundle of Training/Development/Non-discrimination and the bundle of Job Design. The findings from this research will benefit UK organisations, who are interested in making the most of their workforce and harness employees’ potential at work as they age.

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Date: August 2023
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