Exploring the co-creation of value by actor networks of a political brand community ecosystem: a study of Momentum

Harris, A.C., 2024. Exploring the co-creation of value by actor networks of a political brand community ecosystem: a study of Momentum. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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The co-creation of value through resource-integrating actor ecosystems has become a research priority of the marketing discipline. Simultaneously, interest in political brands has increased significantly, with the volume of published articles growing each year. Despite the inherent relevance of value co-creation as a theoretical lens, researchers in political branding have yet to utilise the theory to investigate political brand communities. This research aims to investigate the process of value co-creation within the ecosystem of a political brand. To achieve this, the thesis focuses on Momentum, a UK political group identifying as a ‘grassroots movement’ closely linked to the Labour Party since its foundation in 2015.

The thesis utilises a critical literature review to inform a new conceptual framework of the process of value co-creation. An interpretivist qualitative research approach comprised two distinct phases to develop a rich understanding of the conceptualised process. Phase one consisted of an 18-month netnography of Momentum’s community Twitter pages, and phase two consisted of 31 in-depth semi-structured interviews. Data collection took place between May 2020 and September 2021. Both data collections involved active members of the Momentum brand community, investigating the interactions and behaviours surrounding the community’s co-creation of value. Data analysis was conducted using thematic analysis.

Analysis of the findings contributes new understanding of how an ecosystem of individuals (actor networks) engage within a political brand community to co-create value, undertaking a range of activities (brand community cultivation, negotiating brand parameters, authenticating the ecosystem, the business of activism, authenticating the ecosystem), assume longer-term roles (storytelling, thought leadership, supporting educating, satirising, polemic instigator), and navigating a range of interaction types (adversarial, supportive, humorous, serious). The research also identifies factors that initiate actor-led engagement, facilitate and inhibit it, and the benefits that the actor sought in undertaking value co-creation activities. The findings of this research offer evidence for a new conceptual model of value co-creation in political brand communities. Future researchers and practitioners can use the framework to evaluate the health of value co-creation in political brand communities.

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Creators: Harris, A.C.
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Date: June 2024
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