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Journal article

ABRAHAMS, C., DESJONQUÈRES, C. and GREENHALGH, J., 2021. Pond acoustic sampling scheme: a draft protocol for rapid acoustic data collection in small waterbodies. Ecology and Evolution, 11 (12), pp. 7532-7543. ISSN 2045-7758

DOCKER, S., LOWE, A. and ABRAHAMS, C., 2020. Identification of different song types in the European Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus. Bird Study. ISSN 0006-3657

ABRAHAMS, C. and GEARY, M., 2020. Combining bioacoustics and occupancy modelling for improved monitoring of rare breeding bird populations. Ecological Indicators, 112: 106131. ISSN 1470-160X

ABRAHAMS, C., 2019. Comparison between lek counts and bioacoustic recording for monitoring Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus L.). Journal of Ornithology. ISSN 2193-7192

ABRAHAMS, C. and DENNY, M.J.H., 2018. A first test of unattended, acoustic recorders for monitoring capercaillie Tetrao urogallus lekking activity. Bird Study. ISSN 0006-3657

ARNTZEN, J.W., ABRAHAMS, C., MEILINK, W.R.M., IOSIF, R. and ZUIDERWIJK, A., 2017. Amphibian decline, pond loss and reduced population connectivity under agricultural intensification over a 38 year period. Biodiversity and Conservation. ISSN 0960-3115

ABRAHAMS, C., 2008. Climate change and lakeshore conservation: a model and review of management techniques. Hydrobiologia, 613 (1), pp. 33-43. ISSN 0018-8158

ABRAHAMS, C., 2008. All ebb and flow – droughts, floods and lakes in the future landscape. Journal of Practical Ecology and Conservation, 7 (1), pp. 9-17. ISSN 1354-0270

ABRAHAMS, C., 2007. Lakes, water levels and climate change. ECOS, 28 (3/4), pp. 40-45. ISSN 0143-9073

ABRAHAMS, C., 2006. Sustainable shorelines: the management and re-vegetation of drawdown zones. Journal of Practical Ecology and Conservation, 6 (1), pp. 37-51. ISSN 1354-0270

ABRAHAMS, C., 2005. The ecology and management of drawdown zones. British Wildlife, 16 (6), pp. 395-402. ISSN 0958-0956

ABRAHAMS, C., 1999. Fowl/Play: balancing conservation and recreation on reservoirs in the Peak District. Journal of Practical Ecology and Conservation, 3 (1), pp. 73-74. ISSN 1354-0270

Book contribution

ABRAHAMS, C., 2013. Dee Estuary, Humber Estuary, and Kielder Forest [3 essays]. In: R.W. HOWARTH and J.E. MOHAN, eds., Biomes and ecosystems. Ipswich, Massachusetts: Salem Press. ISBN 9781429838139

Chapter in book

ABRAHAMS, C., 2008. Climate change and lakeshore conservation: a model and review of management techniques. In: K.M. WANTZEN, K.-O. ROTHHAUPT, M. MÖRTL, M. CANTONATI, L.G. TÓTH and P. FISCHER, eds., Ecological effects of water-level fluctuations in lakes. Dordrecht: Springer. ISBN 9781402091919

Professional or trade journal contribution

ABRAHAMS, C., 2019. Ecological survey requirements: conflicts between local validation checklists and national guidance. In Practice (103), pp. 10-12. ISSN 1754-4882

ABRAHAMS, C., 2018. Bird bioacoustic surveys - developing a standard protocol. In Practice (102), pp. 20-23. ISSN 1754-4882

ABRAHAMS, C. and NASH, D.J., 2018. Do we need more evidence-based survey guidance? In Practice (100), pp. 53-56. ISSN 1754-4882

Research report for external body

JONES, I., ABRAHAMS, C., BROWN, L., DALE, K., EDWARDS, F., JEFFRIES, M., KLAAR, M., LEDGER, M., MAY, L., MILNER, A., MURPHY, J., ROBERTSON, A. and WOODWARD, G., 2013. The impact of extreme events on freshwater ecosystems: executive summary and policy brief. London: The British Ecological Society.

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