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AHORSU, D.K., PRAMUKTI, I., STRONG, C., WANG, H.-W., GRIFFITHS, M.D., LIN, C.-Y. and KO, N.-Y., 2021. COVID-19-related variables and its association with anxiety and suicidal ideation: differences between international and local university students in Taiwan. Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 14, pp. 1857-1866. ISSN 1179-1578

AHORSU, D.K., LIN, C.-Y., YAHAGHAI, R., ALIMORADI, Z., BROSTRÖM, A., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. The mediational role of trust in the healthcare system in the association between generalized trust and willingness to get COVID-19 vaccination in Iran. Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics. ISSN 2164-5515

KUKRETI, S., AHORSU, D.K., STRONG, C., CHEN, I.-H., LIN, C.-Y., KO, N.-Y., GRIFFITHS, M.D., CHEN, Y.-P., KUO, Y.-J. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. Post-traumatic stress disorder in Chinese teachers during COVID-19 pandemic: roles of fear of COVID-19, nomophobia, and psychological distress. Healthcare, 9 (10): 1288. ISSN 2227-9032

HUANG, P.-C., HUNG, C.-H., KUO, Y.-J., CHEN, Y.-P., AHORSU, D.K., YEN, C.-F., LIN, C.-Y., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. Expanding protection motivation theory to explain willingness of COVID-19 vaccination uptake among Taiwanese university students. Vaccines, 9 (9): 1046. ISSN 2076-393X

CHEN, I.-H., CHEN, C.-Y., LIU, C.-H., AHORSU, D.K., GRIFFITHS, M.D., CHEN, Y.-P., KUO, Y.-J., LIN, C.-Y., PAKPOUR, A.H. and WANG, S.-M., 2021. Internet addiction and psychological distress among Chinese schoolchildren before and during the COVID-19 outbreak: a latent class analysis. Journal of Behavioral Addictions. ISSN 2062-5871

WANG, P.-W., AHORSU, D.K., LIN, C.-Y., CHEN, I.-H., YEN, C.-F., KUO, Y.-J., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. Motivation to have COVID-19 vaccination explained using an extended protection motivation theory among university students in China: the role of information sources. Vaccines, 9 (4): 380. ISSN 2076-393X

YEH, Y.-C., CHEN, I.-H., AHORSU, D.K., KO, N.-Y., CHEN, K.-L., LI, P.-C., YEN, C.-F., LIN, C.-Y., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. Measurement invariance of the Drivers of COVID-19 Vaccination Acceptance Scale: comparison between Taiwanese and mainland Chinese-speaking populations. Vaccines, 9 (3): 297. ISSN 2076-393X

FAZELI, S., ZEIDI, I.M., LIN, C.-Y., NAMDAR, P., GRIFFITHS, M.D., AHORSU, D.K. and PAKPOUR, A., 2020. Corrigendum to "Depression, anxiety, and stress mediate the associations between internet gaming disorder, insomnia, and quality of life during the COVID-19 outbreak" [Addict. Behav. Rep. 12 (2020) 100307]. Addictive Behaviors Reports, 12: 100322. ISSN 2352-8532

CHEN, I.-H., AHORSU, D.K., PAKPOUR, A.H., GRIFFITHS, M.D., LIN, C.-Y. and CHEN, C.-Y., 2020. Psychometric properties of three simplified Chinese online-related addictive behavior instruments among mainland Chinese primary school students. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11: 875. ISSN 1664-0640

AHORSU, D.K., IMANI, V., LIN, C.-Y., TIMPKA, T., BROSTRÖM, A., UPDEGRAFF, J.A., ÅRESTEDT, K., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2020. Associations between fear of COVID-19, mental health, and preventive behaviours across pregnant women and husbands: an actor-partner interdependence modelling. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. ISSN 1557-1874

MAJD, N.R., BROSTRÖM, A., ULANDER, M., LIN, C.-Y., GRIFFITHS, M.D., IMANI, V., AHORSU, D.K., OHAYON, M.M., PAKPOUR, A.H. and LIN, C.-Y., 2020. Original paper efficacy of a theory-based cognitive behavioral technique app-based intervention for patients with insomnia: randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22 (4): e158841. ISSN 1439-4456

AHORSU, D.K., LIN, C.-Y., IMANI, V., GRIFFITHS, M.D., SUN, J., LATNER, J.D., MARSHALL, R.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2020. A prospective study on the link between weight‐related self‐stigma and binge eating: role of food addiction and psychological distress. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 53 (3), pp. 442-450. ISSN 0276-3478

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