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DAGGETT, M., STEPHENSON, C., DOBSON, J., WHITAKER, A., REDLER, A., MONACO, E., WRIGHT, B., SAITHNA, A. and SONNERY-COTTET, B., 2018. Anatomic and histological study of the anterolateral aspect of the knee: a SANTI Group investigation. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 6 (10). ISSN 2325-9671

SAITHNA, A., CAVAIGNAC, E., MONACO, E., HELITO, C.P., DAGGETT, M. and SONNERY-COTTET, B., 2018. Segond fractures are not a risk factor for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction failure: Letter to the Editor. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 46 (5), NP23-NP24. ISSN 0363-5465

SONNERY-COTTET, B., SAITHNA, A., QUELARD, B., DAGGETT, M., BORADE, A., OUANEZAR, H., THAUNAT, M. and BLAKENEY, W.G., 2018. Arthrogenic muscle inhibition after ACL reconstruction: a scoping review of the efficacy of interventions. British Journal of Sports Medicine. ISSN 0306-3674

SONNERY-COTTET, B., CLAES, S., BLAKENEY, W.G., CAVAIGNAC, E., SAITHNA, A., DAGGETT, M., HELITO, C.P., MURAMATSU, K., DE PADUA, V.B.C., VIEIRA, T.D., CANUTO, S., OUANEZAR, H. and THAUNAT, M., 2018. Anterolateral ligament: let's stick to the facts! Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery, 34 (8), pp. 2259-2262. ISSN 0749-8063

SONNERY-COTTET, B., SAITHNA, A., BLAKENEY, W.G., OUANEZAR, H., BORADE, A., DAGGETT, M., THAUNAT, M., FAYARD, J.-M. and DELALOYE, J.-R., 2018. Anterolateral ligament reconstruction protects the repaired medial meniscus: a comparative study of 383 anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions from the SANTI study group with a minimum follow-up of 2 years. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 46 (8), pp. 1819-1826. ISSN 0363-5465

CAVAIGNAC, E., SAITHNA, A., MONACO, E., HELITO, C.P., DAGGETT, M., REINA, N. and SONNERY-COTTET, B., 2018. Is treatment of Segond fracture necessary with combined anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? Letter to the Editor. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 46 (5), NP13-NP14. ISSN 0363-5465

HELITO, C.P., SAITHNA, A., BONADIO, M.B., DAGGETT, M., MONACO, E., DEMANGE, M.K. and SONNERY-COTTET, B., 2018. Anterolateral ligament reconstruction: a possible option in the therapeutic arsenal for persistent rotatory instability after ACL reconstruction. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 6 (1). ISSN 2325-9671

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