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SHIREBY, G.L., DAVIES, J.P., FRANCIS, P.T., BURRAGE, J., WALKER, E.M., NEILSON, G.W.A., DAHIR, A., THOMAS, A.J., LOVE, S., SMITH, R.G., LUNNON, K., KUMARI, M., SCHALKWYK, L.C., MORGAN, K., BROOKES, K., HANNON, E.J. and MILL, J., 2020. Recalibrating the epigenetic clock: implications for assessing biological age in the human cortex. Brain. ISSN 0006-8950

HANNON, E., SHIREBY, G.L., BROOKES, K., ATTEMS, J., SIMS, R., CAIRNS, N.J., LOVE, S., THOMAS, A.J., MORGAN, K., FRANCIS, P.T. and MILL, J., 2020. Genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease influences neuropathology via multiple biological pathways. Brain Communications, 2 (2): fcaa167. ISSN 2632-1297

CHAUDHURY, S.R., PATEL, T., FALLOWS, A., BROOKES, K.J., GUETTA-BARANES, T., TURTON, J., SUSSAMS, R., GUERREIRO, R., BRAS, J.T., HARDY, J., FRANCIS, P.T., HOLMES, C. and MORGAN, K., 2019. Alzheimer's disease polygenic risk score as a predictor of conversion from mild-cognitive impairment. Translational Psychiatry, 9: 154. ISSN 2158-3188

HARTL, D., MAY, P., GU, W., MAYHAUS, M., PICHLER, S., SPANIOL, C., GLAAB, E., BOBBILI, D.R., ANTONY, P., KOEGELSBERGER, S., KURZ, A., GRIMMER, T., MORGAN, K., VARDARAJAN, B.N., REITZ, C., HARDY, J., BRAS, J., GUERREIRO, R., BALLING, R., SCHNEIDER, J.G., RIEMENSCHNEIDER, M., SASSI, C., GIBBS, J.R., HERNANDEZ, D., BROOKES, K.J., GUETTA-BARANES, T., FRANCIS, P.T., LUPTON, M.K., BROWN, K., POWELL, J. and SINGLETON, A., 2018. A rare loss-of-function variant of ADAM17 is associated with late-onset familial Alzheimer disease. Molecular Psychiatry. ISSN 1359-4184

BROOKES, K.J., MCCONNELL, G., WILLIAMS, K., CHAUDHURY, S., MADHAN, G., PATEL, T., TURLEY, C., GUETTA-BARANES, T., BRAS, J., GUERREIRO, R., HARDY, J., FRANCIS, P.T. and MORGAN, K., 2018. Genotyping of the Alzheimer's disease genome-wide association study index single nucleotide polymorphisms in the brains for dementia research cohort. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 64 (2), pp. 355-362. ISSN 1387-2877

CHAPPELL, S., PATEL, T., GUETTA-BARANES, T., SANG, F., FRANCIS, P.T., MORGAN, K. and BROOKES, K.J., 2018. Observations of extensive gene expression differences in the cerebellum and potential relevance to Alzheimer's disease. BMC Research Notes, 11 (1): 646. ISSN 1756-0500

PATEL, T., BROOKES, K.J., TURTON, J., CHAUDHURY, S., GUETTA-BARANES, T., GUERREIRO, R., BRAS, J., HERNANDEZ, D., SINGLETON, A., FRANCIS, P.T., HARDY, J. and MORGAN, K., 2018. Whole-exome sequencing of the BDR cohort: evidence to support the role of the PILRA gene in Alzheimer's disease. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, 44 (5), pp. 506-521. ISSN 0305-1846

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