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Journal article

NOTIAR, A., JIDONG, D.E., HAWA, F., LUNAT, F., SHAH, S., BASSETT, P. and EDGE, D., 2021. Treatment of maternal depression in low-income women: a feasibility study from Kilifi, Kenya. International Journal of Clinical Practice. ISSN 1368-5031

JIDONG, D.E., BAILEY, D., SODI, T., GIBSON, L., SAWADOGO, N., IKHILE, D., MUSOKE, D., MADHOMBIRO, M. and MBAH, M., 2021. Nigerian cultural beliefs about mental health conditions and traditional healing: a qualitative study. Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice. ISSN 1755-6228

NYASHANU, M., CHIRESHE, R., JIDONG, D.E., NYASHANU, W. and EKPENYONG, M.S., 2021. Exploring enablers of sexually transmitted infections among illegal gold miners in the midlands region of Zimbabwe. International Journal Of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics And Gynecology, 10 (4), pp. 1321-1327. ISSN 2320-1770

JIDONG, D.E., HUSAIN, N., ROCHE, A., LOURIE, G., IKE, T.J., MURSHED, M., PARK, M.S., KARICK, H., DAGONA, Z.K., PWAJOK, J.Y., GUMBER, A., FRANCIS, C., NYAM, P.P. and MWANKON, S., 2021. Psychological interventions for maternal depression among women of African and Caribbean origin: a systematic review. BMC Women's Health, 21: 83. ISSN 1472-6874

IKE, T.J., SINGH, D., JIDONG, D.E., MURPHY, S. and AYOBI, E.E., 2021. Rethinking reintegration in Nigeria: community perceptions of former Boko Haram combatants. Third World Quarterly. ISSN 0143-6597

JIDONG, D.E., HUSAIN, N., IKE, T.J., MURSHED, M., PWAJOK, J.Y., ROCHE, A., KARICK, H., DAGONA, Z.K., KARURI, G.S., FRANCIS, C., MWANKON, S.B. and NYAM, P.P., 2021. Maternal mental health and child well-being in Nigeria: a systematic review. Health Psychology Open, 8 (1).

JIDONG, D.E., TRIBE, R. and GANNON, K.N., 2020. Challenges faced by mental health interpreters in East London: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Counselling Psychology Review, 35 (2), pp. 40-51. ISSN 1757-2142

IKE, T.J., SINGH, D., MURPHY, S., JIDONG, D.E., PORRITT, F. and AYOBI, E.E., 2020. Community perspectives of former terrorist combatants, militants and reintegration programmes in Nigeria: a systematic review. Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression. ISSN 1943-4472

NYASHANU, M., NUWEMATSIKO, R., NYASHANU, W. and JIDONG, D.E., 2020. Lived experiences of stressors and problems of higher education students on teacher education course in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, 2019. Pan African Medical Journal, 36: 289. ISSN 1937-8688

JIDONG, D.E. and SANGER, R., 2018. Exploring critical understanding of hoarding distress among elderly people in Nigeria: a review of Smail's Impress of Power model. International Journal of Health Sciences, 6 (2), pp. 46-51. ISSN 2372-5060

DOKOTRI, J., JIDONG, D.E. and PAM, V.D., 2016. Merger, acquisition and employees’ work attitude after bank reform in Nigeria. Review of Social Sciences, 1 (9), pp. 1-12. ISSN 2378-8569

DOKOTRI, J., JIDONG, D.E. and PAM, V.D., 2014. The perception of Boko Haram depressive anxiety to stress among northern and non-northern Nigerians. The Nigerian Journal of Psychology, 20 (1), pp. 98-105. ISSN 0331-0574

Conference contribution

JIDONG, D.E., IKE, T.J., PWAJOK, J.Y., FRANCIS, C. and MWANKON, S.B., 2021. Learning through play plus culturally adapted cognitive behaviour therapy for treating postnatal depression and improving child wellbeing in Nigeria: a participatory action research for manual adaptation. In: Nigerian Psychological Association Conference, Coal City University Enugu, Nigeria, 23-27 August 2021.

JIDONG, D.E. and IKE, T.J., 2021. “People with mild depression, one thing that is sustaining them is the teaching from their various religious leaders”: A qualitative study of religious beliefs about mental health in Nigeria. In: Nigerian Psychological Association Conference, Coal City University Enugu, Nigeria, 23-27 August 2021.

Professional or trade journal contribution

JIDONG, D.E., 2018. A review of Qualitative Method in Psychology (QMiP) conference and workshops. Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin, 25, pp. 50-52. ISSN 2044-0820

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