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Journal article

STEPHEN, I.D., HIEW, V., COETZEE, V., TIDDEMAN, B.P. and PERRETT, D.I., 2017. Facial shape analysis identifies valid cues to aspects of physiological health in Caucasian, Asian, and African populations. Frontiers in Psychology, 8: 1883. ISSN 1664-1078

COETZEE, V., GREEFF, J.M., STEPHEN, I.D. and PERRETT, D.I., 2014. Cross-cultural agreement in facial attractiveness preferences: the role of ethnicity and gender. PLoS ONE, 9 (7): e99629. ISSN 1932-6203

DANEL, D.P., FEDUREK, P., COETZEE, V., STEPHEN, I.D., NOWAK, N., STIRRAT, M., PERRETT, D.I. and SAXTON, T.K., 2012. A cross-cultural comparison of population-specific face shape preferences (Homo sapiens). Ethology, 118 (12), pp. 1173-1181. ISSN 0179-1613

WHITEHEAD, R.D., OZAKINCI, G., STEPHEN, I.D. and PERRETT, D.I., 2012. Whitehead et al. Respond. American Journal of Public Health, 102 (10), e3-e4. ISSN 0090-0036

STEPHEN, I.D., OLDHAM, F.H., PERRETT, D.I. and BARTON, R.A., 2012. Redness enhances perceived aggression, dominance and attractiveness in men's faces. Evolutionary Psychology, 10 (3), pp. 562-572. ISSN 1474-7049

STEPHEN, I.D., SCOTT, I.M.L., COETZEE, V., POUND, N., PERRETT, D.I. and PENTON-VOAK, I.S., 2012. Cross-cultural effects of color, but not morphological masculinity, on perceived attractiveness of men's faces. Evolution and Human Behavior, 33 (4), pp. 260-267. ISSN 1090-5138

WHITEHEAD, R.D., OZAKINCI, G., STEPHEN, I.D. and PERRETT, D.I., 2012. Appealing to vanity: could potential appearance improvement motivate fruit and vegetable consumption? American Journal of Public Health, 102 (2), pp. 207-211. ISSN 0090-0036

STEPHEN, I.D., COETZEE, V. and PERRETT, D.I., 2011. Carotenoid and melanin pigment coloration affect perceived human health. Evolution and Human Behavior, 32 (3), pp. 216-227. ISSN 1090-5138

COETZEE, V., CHEN, J., PERRETT, D.I. and STEPHEN, I.D., 2010. Deciphering faces: quantifiable visual cues to weight. Perception, 39 (1), pp. 51-61. ISSN 0301-0066

STEPHEN, I.D., LAW SMITH, M.J., STIRRAT, M.R. and PERRETT, D.I., 2009. Facial skin coloration affects perceived health of human faces. International Journal of Primatology, 30 (6), pp. 845-857. ISSN 0164-0291

COETZEE, V., PERRETT, D.I. and STEPHEN, I.D., 2009. Facial adiposity: a cue to health? Perception, 38 (11), pp. 1700-1711. ISSN 0301-0066

STEPHEN, I.D., COETZEE, V., LAW SMITH, M. and PERRETT, D.I., 2009. Skin blood perfusion and oxygenation colour affect perceived human health. PLoS ONE, 4 (4): e5083.

Chapter in book

STEPHEN, I.D. and PERRETT, D.I., 2015. Color and face perception. In: A.J. ELLIOT, M.D. FAIRCHILD and A. FRANKLIN, eds., Handbook of color psychology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 585-602. ISBN 9781107337930

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