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BAKER, R.J., COLAVITA, P.E., MURPHY, D., PLATTS, J.A. and WALLIS, J.D., 2012. Fluorine-fluorine interactions in the solid state: an experimental and theoretical study. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116, pp. 1435-1444.

BAKER, R.J., JONES, C., KLOTH, M. and PLATTS, J.A., 2004. Oxidative coupling of an anionic gallium(I) carbene analogue: synthesis and structural characterisation of an unprecedented -cyclopentadienyl-bridged digallane complex. Organometallics, 23, pp. 4811-4813.

BAKER, R.J., JONES, C. and PLATTS, J.A., 2003. Analogies between the reactivities of an anionic gallium(I) heterocycle and N-heterocyclic carbenes towards metallocenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125, pp. 10534-10535.

BAKER, R.J., EDWARDS, P.G., FARLEY, R.D., MURPHY, D.M., PLATTS, J.A. and VOSS, K.E., 2003. Low valent carbonylvanadium complexes of the triphosphorus macrocycle 12[ane]P3Et3. Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions, 2003 (5), pp. 944-948.

BAKER, R.J., JONES, C., KLOTH, M. and PLATTS, J.A., 2003. Synthesis and structural characterization of thermally stable group 13 hydride complexes derived from a gallium(I) carbene analogue. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 42, pp. 2660-2663.

BAKER, R.J., JONES, C. and PLATTS, J.A., 2003. Synthesis, structural and theoretical studies of an iron-gallium(I) heterocycle complex: Analogies with N-heterocyclic carbene chemistry. Dalton Transactions, 2003 (19), pp. 3673-3674.

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