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Journal article

SEECHARRAN, T., KALIN-MANTTARI, L., KOSKELA, K., NIKKARI, S., DICKINS, B., CORANDER, J., SKURNIK, M. and MCNALLY, A., 2017. Phylogeographic separation and formation of sexually discrete lineages in a global population of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. Microbial Genomics. ISSN 2057-5858

CHAUHAN, N., WROBEL, A., SKURNIK, M. and LEO, J.C., 2016. Yersinia adhesins: an arsenal for infection. Proteomics - Clinical Applications, 10 (9-10), pp. 949-963. ISSN 1862-8346

REUTER, S., CONNOR, T.R., BARQUIST, L., WALKER, D., FELTWELL, T., HARRIS, S.R., FOOKES, M., HALL, M.E., PETTY, N.K., FUCHS, T.M., CORANDER, J., DUFOUR, M., RINGWOOD, T., SAVIN, C., BOUCHIER, C., MARTIN, L., MIETTINEN, M., SHUBIN, M., RIEHM, J.M., LAUKKANEN-NINIOS, R., SIHVONEN, L.M., SIITONEN, A., SKURNIK, M., FALCÃO, J.P., FUKUSHIMA, H., SCHOLZ, H.C., PRENTICE, M.B., WREN, B.W., PARKHILL, J., CARNIEL, J., ACHTMAN, M., MCNALLY, A. and THOMSON, N.R., 2014. Parallel independent evolution of pathogenicity within the genus Yersinia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (18), pp. 6768-6773. ISSN 0027-8424

LEO, J.C., ELOVAARA, H., BIHAN, D., PUGH, N., KILPINEN, S.K., RAYNAL, N., SKURNIK, M., FARNDALE, R.W. and GOLDMAN, A., 2010. First analysis of a bacterial collagen-binding protein with collagen toolkits: promiscuous binding of YadA to collagens may explain how YadA interferes with host processes. Infection and Immunity, 78 (7), pp. 3226-3236. ISSN 0019-9567

LEO, J.C., ELOVAARA, H., BRODSKY, B., SKURNIK, M. and GOLDMAN, A., 2008. The Yersinia adhesin YadA binds to a collagenous triple-helical conformation but without sequence specificity. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, 21 (8), pp. 475-484. ISSN 1741-0126

NUMMELIN, H., MERCKEL, M.C., LEO, J.C., LANKINEN, H., SKURNIK, M. and GOLDMAN, A., 2004. The Yersinia adhesin YadA collagen-binding domain structure is a novel left-handed parallel β-roll. The EMBO Journal, 23 (4), pp. 701-711. ISSN 0261-4189

Chapter in book

LEO, J.C. and SKURNIK, M., 2011. Adhesins of human pathogens from the genus Yersinia. In: D. LINKE and A. GOLDMAN, eds., Bacterial adhesion. Advances in experimental medicine and biology (715). Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 1-15. ISBN 9789400709393

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