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MEAZA, A., RIVIERE, E., BONSA, Z., RENNIE, V., GEBREMICAEL, G., DE DIEGO-FUERTES, M., MEEHAN, C.J., MEDHIN, G., ABEBE, G., AMENI, G., VAN RIE, A. and GUMI, B., 2023. Genomic transmission clusters and circulating lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis among refugees residing in refugee camps in Ethiopia. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 116: 105530. ISSN 1567-1348

VAN RIE, A., WALKER, T., DE JONG, B., RUPASINGHE, P., RIVIÈRE, E., DARTOIS, V., SONNENKALB, L., MACHADO, D., GAGNEUX, S., SUPPLY, P., DREYER, V., NIEMANN, S., GOIG, G., MEEHAN, C., TAGLIANI, E. and CIRILLO, D.M., 2022. Balancing access to BPaLM regimens and risk of resistance. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 22 (10), pp. 1411-1412. ISSN 1473-3099

OOSTVOGELS, S., LEY, S.D., HEUPINK, T.H., DIPPENAAR, A., STREICHER, E.M., DE VOS, E., MEEHAN, C.J., DHEDA, K., WARREN, R. and VAN RIE, A., 2022. Transmission, distribution and drug resistance-conferring mutations of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Microbial Genomics, 8 (4): 000815. ISSN 2057-5858

RIVIÈRE, E., HEUPINK, T.H., ISMAIL, N., DIPPENAAR, A., CLARKE, C., ABEBE, G., HEUSDEN, P., WARREN, R., MEEHAN, C.J. and VAN RIE, A., 2021. Capacity building for whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and bioinformatics in high TB burden countries. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 22 (4): bbaa246. ISSN 1467-5463

VAN RIE, A., DE VIEDMA, D.G., MEEHAN, C.J., COMAS, I., HEUPINK, T.H., DE VOS, E., DE OÑATE, W.A., MATHYS, V., CEYSSENS, P.-J., GROENEN, G., GONZÁLEZ‐CANDELAS, F., FORIER, A. and JUENGST, E., 2021. Whole-genome sequencing for TB source investigations: principles of ethical precision public health. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 25 (3), pp. 222-227. ISSN 1027-3719

VAN RIE, A. and MEEHAN, C., 2020. The devil is in the diversity: exploring within-person evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. EBioMedicine, 55: 102758. ISSN 2352-3964

MEEHAN, C.J., GOIG, G.A., KOHL, T.A., VERBOVEN, L., DIPPENAAR, A., EZEWUDO, M., FARHAT, M.R., GUTHRIE, J.L., LAUKENS, K., MIOTTO, P., OFORI-ANYINAM, B., DREYER, V., SUPPLY, P., SURESH, A., UTPATEL, C., VAN SOOLINGEN, D., ZHOU, Y., ASHTON, P.M., BRITES, D., CABIBBE, A.M., DE JONG, B.C., DE VOS, M., MENARDO, F., GAGNEUX, S., GAO, Q., HEUPINK, T.H., LIU, Q., LOISEAU, C., RIGOUTS, L., RODWELL, T.C., TAGLIANI, E., WALKER, T.M., WARREN, R.M., ZHAO, Y., ZIGNOL, M., SCHITO, M., GARDY, J., CIRILLO, D.M., NIEMANN, S., COMAS, I. and VAN RIE, A., 2019. Whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: current standards and open issues. Nature Reviews Microbiology, 17 (9), pp. 533-545. ISSN 1740-1526

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