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ALBERRO, H. and DANIELE, L., 2021. Ecocide: why establishing a new international crime would be a step towards interspecies justice. The Conversation.

BRAITHWAITE, N., 2021. The history of sneakers: from commodity to cultural icon. The Conversation.

BROWN, D., 2021. Mars missions from China and UAE are set to go into orbit – here’s what they could discover. The Conversation. ISSN 2044-5032

ELHINNAWY, H., 2021. Afghanistan: the west needs to stop seeing women as in need of 'saving'. The Conversation.

ENGLAND, J., WESTWOOD, C., HOUSE, A., HAYES, C. and STUBBINGTON, R., 2021. Using plant communities to characterise biotic response to drying in chalk stream headwaters. FBA News: the Freshwater Biological Association newsletter (81), pp. 8-15. ISSN 1476-2269

GENTLE, L., 2021. Curious Kids: how are ants and other creatures able to walk on the ceiling? The Conversation.

GENTLE, L., 2021. Five things we learned about the state of the planet at the world’s biggest meeting of biodiversity experts. The Conversation.

GENTLE, L., 2021. Five ways reindeer are perfectly evolved for pulling Santa’s sleigh. The Conversation.

GETHING, K.J., SYKES, T., BIONDI, G., MACADAM, C. and STUBBINGTON, R., 2021. Ditching misconceptions: rare temporary stream specialists in artificial habitats. FBA News: the Freshwater Biological Association newsletter (83), pp. 14-18. ISSN 1476-2269

GRAYSON, A., 2021. 'Discretion' should have no place in determining degree classifications. Times Higher Education.

GRAYSON, A., 2021. Rethinking institutional processes is boring - but the results are liberating. Times Higher Education.

GRAYSON, A., LAMB, S. and ROYLE, C., 2021. The UK's percentage scale is unfair and fuels grade inflation. Times Higher Education.

HENDERSON, P., 2021. Keeping it real: bringing practical dimensions into online teaching. THE Campus.

HODGSON, N., 2021. After 'Knightfall': the roles played by women in the crusade movement. TLS: the Times literary supplement (6170). ISSN 0307-661X

KELLEZI, B., WAKEFIELD, J. and BOWE, M., 2021. The impact of poor healthcare provision in UK immigration removal centres. The Conversation.

KUK, G., 2021. What can the maker movement teach us about the digitization of creativity? Communications of the ACM, 64 (3), pp. 42-45. ISSN 0001-0782

MACADAM, C., STUBBINGTON, R. and WALLACE, I., 2021. The specialist insects that rely on the wet-dry habitats of temporary streams. FBA News: the Freshwater Biological Association newsletter (81), pp. 28-33. ISSN 1476-2269

MARKHAM, C., 2021. If pubs close we'll lose our links to history and community, warns expert. Daily Express.

PATEL, S., 2021. Rugby, concussions and duty of care: why the game is facing scrutiny. The Conversation.

SCOTT, S., 2021. Going green: how to make labs more environmentally sound. The Biomedical Scientist, pp. 18-22. ISSN 1352-7673

SHAW, L., 2021. Being good at maths might help you become great at sports – Emma Raducanu showed us why. The Conversation.

VICKERS, T. and HOLLAND, D., 2021. The human impact of automation: lessons from Amazon. Futures of Work, N/D 21 (20).

VICKERS, T., PICKFORD, R. and DAHILL, D., 2021. Supreme Court rules that Uber drivers are workers. Futures of Work, Mar 21 (18).

WRIGHT, E., GEE, R., AXLER, M., LUNDY, C., HUTCHINGS, S. and VICKERS, T., 2021. The future of working from home. Futures of Work, Aug 21 (19).

WÜSTENBERG, J., 2021. Demokratisierung der erinnerung. Die geschichtswerkstätten-bewegung in der Bundesrepublik. Gerbergasse 18 (100). ISSN 1431-1607

YODER, J., WÜSTENBERG, J., FELDMAN, L.G. and TOPKARA, U., 2021. What is Angela Merkel’s legacy for German memory culture? Society. ISSN 0147-2011

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