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A.S., B. and RAMANATHAN, U., 2022. Supply chain transparency for sustainability – an intervention-based research approach. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 42 (7), pp. 995-1021. ISSN 0144-3577

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AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2022. Here’s one way to burn less fossil fuel – use human energy to heat buildings instead. The Conversation.

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ALFAYAD, K., MURRAY, R.L., BRITTON, J. and BARKER, A.B., 2022. Population exposure to alcohol and junk food advertising during the 2018 FIFA world cup: implications for public health. BMC Public Health, 22: 908. ISSN 1471-2458

ALGARNI, M., SAEED, F., AL-HADHRAMI, T., GHABBAN, F. and AL-SAREM, M., 2022. Deep learning-based approach for emotion recognition using electroencephalography (EEG) signals using bi-directional Long Short-Term Memory (Bi-LSTM). Sensors, 22 (8): 2976.

ALIMORADI, Z., JAFARI, E., BROSTRÖM, A., OHAYON, M.M., LIN, C.-Y., GRIFFITHS, M.D., BLOM, K., JERNELÖV, S., KALDO, V. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2022. Effects of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) on quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 64: 101646. ISSN 1087-0792

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ANTÓN, D., 2022. 360/VR mobile devices - Beeston Parish Church (Nottingham) - rendered 3D model and 360 video tour. [Digital or Visual Media]

ANTÓN, D., 2022. Beeston Parish Church (Nottingham) - rendered 3D model and video tour. [Digital or Visual Media]

ANTÓN, D., CARRETERO-AYUSO, M.J., MOYANO-CAMPOS, J. and NIETO-JULIÁN, J.E., 2022. Laser scanning intensity fingerprint: 3D visualisation and analysis of building surface deficiencies. In: D. BIENVENIDO-HUERTAS and J. MOYANO-CAMPOS, eds., New technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (258). Singapore: Springer, pp. 207-223. ISBN 9789811918933

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ASHE, T., ECKERSLEY, P., POBEREZHSKAYA, M. and EKHATOR, E., 2022. Round-table discussion on social vulnerabilities and climate change adaptation. In: Social vulnerabilities and climate change adaptation: gender inequality, poverty and exclusion, Nottingham, 28-29 April 2022.

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