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ATANDA, O., CALLAGHAN, P., CARTER, T., DURCAN, G., O’SHEA, N., BROWN, S.D., REAVEY, P., VANGELI, E., WHITE, S. and WOOD, K.V., 2020. Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid from the Perspective Of Workplace End UseRs—EMPOWER: protocol of cluster randomised trial phase. Trials, 21 (1): 715.

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BROWN, S.D. and REAVEY, P., 2019. Conclusion: remembering as difference. In: B. WAGONER, I. BRESCÓ and S. ZADEH, eds., Memory in the wild. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. (Forthcoming)

BROWN, S.D. and REAVEY, P., 2019. Memory in the wild: life space, setting-specificity and ecologies of experience. In: B. WAGONER, I. BRESCÓ and S. ZADEH, eds., Memory in the wild. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. (Forthcoming)

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BROWN, S.D., 2018. The drowning mind: on the continuing relevance of Bergson for psychology. In: Y. HIRAI, H. FUJITA and S. ABIKO, eds., Berukuson Busshitsu to Kioku wo Saikidou suru: Kakuchou Berukuson-shugi no Shotembou (Rebooting Bergson's matter and memory: multidisciplinary perspectives on expanded Bergsonism). Tokyo: Shoshi Shinsui.

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