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BYFORD, J.T., 2005. Distinguishing 'Anti-Judaism' from 'Antisemitism': Denial of anti-Semitism in Serbian Orthodox Christian culture. In: Religion, State and Society. UNSPECIFIED.

BYFORD, J.T., 2005. 'Serbs never hated the Jews': literal denial of anti-Semitism in contemporary Serbian religious discourse. In: Patterns of Prejudice. UNSPECIFIED.

BYFORD, J.T., 2004. Canonising the prophet of antisemitism: apotheosis of the Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic and the legitimisation of religious anti-Semitism in contemporary Serbian society. In: 9th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, New York, USA, April 2004, New York.

BYFORD, J.T., 2004. Talking to extremists: religious anti-Semitism in contemporary Serbian society. In: Annual Hate Crimes Conference, Nottingham Centre for the Study and Reduction of Hate Crimes, Nottingham, 26-28 February 2004, Nottingham.

BYFORD, J.T., 2003. Anti-Semitism and the Christian Right in post-Milosevic Serbia: From conspiracy theory to hate crime. Internet Journal of Criminology.

BYFORD, J.T., 2003. Antisemitic hate crime in post-Milosevic Serbia: conspiratorial nature of contemporary anti-Semitism and the implications of hate crimes research. In: International Hate Crimes Conference, Nottingham Centre for the Study of Hate Crimes, Nottingham, UK, 22-23 February 2003, Nottingham.

BYFORD, J.T., 2003. Historical revisionism, repression and the representations of Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic in contemporary Serbian culture. In: Annual Conference of the British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies, Cambridge, March 2003, Cambridge.

BYFORD, J.T., 2003. Martyrdom as a 'replacement myth': evidence of repression in the social remembering of Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic. In: International Conference on Nationalist Myths and Modern Media, London, UK, 2003, London.

BYFORD, J.T., 2003. Review of John B. Allcock, Explaining Yugoslavia. Europe-Asia Studies, 55 (3), pp. 491-492. ISSN 0966-8136

BYFORD, J.T., 2002. Anchoring and objectifying neocortical warfare: re-presentation of a biological metaphor in Serbian conspiracy literature. Papers on Social Representations, 3 (1314).

BYFORD, J.T., 2002. Christian right-wing organisations and the spreading of anti-Semitic prejudice in post-Milosevic Serbia: The case of the Dignity Patriotic Movement. East European Jewish Affairs, 32 (2), pp. 42-60. ISSN 1350-1674

BYFORD, J.T., 2002. Conspiratorial explanations of the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia- cognitive bias or an ideological tradition. In: International Society for Political Psychology Annual Meeting, Berlin, July 2002, Berlin.

BYFORD, J.T., 2002. Orthodox Christian right in post-Milosevic Serbia: the case of Otacastveni Pokret Obraz [Patriotic Movement Dignity]. In: British Academy Seminar on Christian Fundamentalism, Racism and Antisemitism, Centre for German Jewish Studies, University of Sussex, 10 April 2002, Centre for German Jewish Studies, University of Sussex.

BYFORD, J.T., 2001. Yugoslav military and the Orthodox Right: the proliferation of conspiracy theories at the time of the war with NATO. In: PSA Communist and Post-Communist Politics Specialist Group Annual Conference, SSEES, February 2001.

BYFORD, J.T. and BILLIG, M., 2001. The emergence of antisemitic conspiracy theories in Yugoslavia during the war with NATO. Patterns of Prejudice, 35 (4), pp. 50-63.

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