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HALL, E.J., CARTER, A.J., CHICO, G., BRADBURY, J., GENTLE, L.K., BARFIELD, D. and O’NEILL, D.G., 2022. Risk factors for severe and fatal heat-related illness in UK dogs—a VetCompass study. Veterinary Sciences, 9 (5): 231. ISSN 2306-7381

HALL, E.J., RADFORD, A.D. and CARTER, A.J., 2022. Surveillance of heat-related illness in small animals presenting to veterinary practices in the UK between 2013-2018. Open Veterinary Journal, 12 (1), pp. 5-16. ISSN 2226-4485

HALL, E.J., CARTER, A.J. and FARNWORTH, M.J., 2021. Exploring owner perceptions of the impacts of seasonal weather variations on canine activity and potential consequences for human–canine relationships. Animals, 11 (11): 3302.

HALL, E.J., CARTER, A.J., BRADBURY, J., BARFIELD, D. and O’NEILL, D.G., 2021. Proposing the VetCompass clinical grading tool for heat-related illness in dogs. Scientific Reports, 11: 6828. ISSN 2045-2322

CARTER, A.J., HALL, E.J., CONNOLLY, S.L., RUSSELL, Z.F. and MITCHELL, K., 2020. Drugs, dogs, and driving: the potential for year-round thermal stress in UK vehicles. Open Veterinary Journal, 10 (2), pp. 216-225. ISSN 2226-4485

HALL, E.J., CARTER, A.J. and O'NEILL, D.G., 2020. Dogs don't die just in hot cars – exertional heat-related illness (heatstroke) is a greater threat to UK dogs. Animals, 10 (8): 1324. ISSN 2076-2615

HALL, E.J., FLEMING, A. and CARTER, A.J., 2019. Investigating the use of non-contact infrared thermometers in cats and dogs. The Veterinary Nurse, 10 (2), pp. 109-115. ISSN 2044-0065

CARTER, A.J., DIMITROVA, A. and HALL, E.J., 2019. Field testing two animal-specific non-contact thermometers on healthy horses. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 34 (4), pp. 96-101. ISSN 1741-5349

HALL, E.J., SIMPSON, A., IMRIE, H. and RUEDISUELI, N., 2019. Time-constrained scenario-based practical examinations (TSPEs) – an alternative to OSCEs? Veterinary Nursing Journal, 34 (6), pp. 154-158. ISSN 1741-5349

HALL, E.J., CARTER, A.J., STEVENSON, A.G. and HALL, C., 2018. Establishing a yard specific normal rectal temperature reference range for horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. ISSN 0737-0806

CARTER, A.J. and HALL, E.J., 2018. Investigating factors affecting the body temperature of dogs competing in cross country (canicross) races in the UK. Journal of Thermal Biology, 72, pp. 33-38. ISSN 0306-4565

HALL, E.J. and SIMPSON, A., 2018. Using video to support veterinary nursing students preparing for OSCEs. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 33 (5), pp. 145-147. ISSN 1741-5349

HALL, E.J. and CARTER, A.J., 2017. Comparison of rectal and tympanic membrane temperature in healthy exercising dogs. Comparative Exercise Physiology, 13 (1), pp. 37-44. ISSN 1755-2540

HALL, E.J. and CARTER, A., 2017. Establishing a reference range for normal canine tympanic membrane temperature measured with a veterinary aural thermometer. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 32 (12), pp. 369-373. ISSN 1741-5349

BUCKLEY, L.A. and HALL, E.J., 2017. Review of the centre for evidence-based veterinary medicine's "using an evidence-based approach in your practice" course. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 32 (10), pp. 289-292. ISSN 1741-5349

HALL, E.J. and CARTER, A., 2016. Heatstroke – providing evidence-based advice to dog owners. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 31 (12), pp. 359-363. ISSN 1741-5349

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