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HOBSON, A.J., STEWART, D.I., MORTIMER, R.J.G., MAYES, W.M., ROGERSON, M. and BURKE, I.T., 2018. Leaching behaviour of co-disposed steel making wastes: effects of aeration on leachate chemistry and vanadium mobilisation. Waste Management: International Journal of Integrated Waste Management, Science and Technology, 81, pp. 1-10. ISSN 0956-053X

VIDAL-DURÀ, A., BURKE, I.T., STEWART, D.I. and MORTIMER, R.J.G., 2018. Reoxidation of estuarine sediments during simulated resuspension events: effects on nutrient and trace metal mobilisation. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 207, pp. 40-55. ISSN 0272-7714

VIDAL-DURÀ, A., BURKE, I.T., MORTIMER, R.J.G. and STEWART, D.I., 2018. Diversity patterns of benthic bacterial communities along the salinity continuum of the Humber estuary (UK). Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 81 (3), pp. 277-291. ISSN 0948-3055

HOBSON, A.J., STEWART, D.I., BRAY, A.W., MORTIMER, R.J.G., MAYES, W.M., ROGERSON, M. and BURKE, I.T., 2017. Mechanism of vanadium leaching during surface weathering of basic oxygen furnace steel slag blocks: a microfocus x-ray absorption spectroscopy and electron microscopy study. Environmental Science & Technology, 51 (14), pp. 7823-7830. ISSN 0013-936X

LOCKWOOD, C.L., STEWART, D.I., MORTIMER, R.J.G., MAYES, W.M., JARVIS, A.P., GRUIZ, K. and BURKE, I.T., 2015. Leaching of copper and nickel in soil-water systems contaminated by bauxite residue (red mud) from Ajka, Hungary: the importance of soil organic matter. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN 0944-1344

LOCKWOOD, C.L., MORTIMER, R.J.G., STEWART, D.I., MAYES, W.M., PEACOCK, C.L., POLYA, D.A., LYTHGOE, P.R., LEHOUX, A.P., GRUIZ, K. and BURKE, I.T., 2014. Mobilisation of arsenic from bauxite residue (red mud) affected soils: effect of pH and redox conditions. Applied Geochemistry, 51, pp. 268-277. ISSN 1872-9134

BURKE, I.T., PEACOCK, C.L., LOCKWOOD, C.L., STEWART, D.I., MORTIMER, R.J.G., WARD, M.B., RENFORTH, P., GRUIZ, K. and MAYES, W.M., 2013. Behavior of aluminum, arsenic, and vanadium during the neutralization of Red mud leachate by HCl, gypsum, or seawater. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (12). ISSN 1520-5851

WHITTLESTON, R.A., STEWART, D.I., MORTIMER, R.J.G. and BURKE, I.T., 2013. Enhancing microbial iron reduction in hyperalkaline, chromium contaminated sediments by pH amendment. Applied Geochemistry, 28, pp. 135-144. ISSN 0883-2927

LEHOUX, A.P., LOCKWOOD, C.L., MAYES, W.M., STEWART, D.I., MORTIMER, R.J.G., GRUIZ, K. and BURKE, I.T., 2013. Gypsum addition to soils contaminated by red mud: implications for aluminium, arsenic, molybdenum and vanadium solubility. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 35 (5), pp. 643-656. ISSN 0269-4042

BURKE, I.T., MORTIMER, R.J.G., PALANIYANDI, S., WHITTLESTON, R.A., LOCKWOOD, C.L., ASHLEY, D.J. and STEWART, D.I., 2012. Biogeochemical reduction processes in a hyper-alkaline leachate affected soil profile. Geomicrobiology Journal, 29 (9), pp. 769-779. ISSN 0149-0451

WHITTLESTON, R.A., MORTIMER, R.J.G., STEWART, D.I., TILT, Z.C., BROWN, A.P., GERAKI, K. and BURKE, I.T., 2011. Chromate reduction in Fe(II)-containing soil affected by hyperalkaline leachate from chromite ore processing residue. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 194, pp. 15-23. ISSN 0304-3894

WHITTLESTON, R.A., STEWART, D.I., MORTIMER, R.J.G., ASHLEY, D.J. and BURKE, I.T., 2011. Effect of microbially induced anoxia on Cr(VI) mobility at a site contaminated with hyperalkaline residue from chromite ore processing. Geomicrobiology Journal, 28 (1), pp. 68-82. ISSN 1521-0529

STEWART, D.I., BURKE, I.T. and MORTIMER, R.J.G., 2007. Stimulation of microbially mediated chromate reduction in alkaline soil-water systems. Geomicrobiology Journal, 24 (78), pp. 655-669. ISSN 0149-0451

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