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RALSTON, D.A., EGRI, C.P., REYNAUD, E., SRINIVASAN, N., FURRER, O., BROCK, D., ALAS, R., WANGENHEIM, F., DARDER, F.L., KUO, C., POTOCAN, V., MOCKAITIS, A.I., SZABO, E., GUTIÉRREZ, J.R., PEKERTI, A., BUTT, A., PALMER, I., NAOUMOVA, I., LENARTOWICZ, T., STARKUS, A., HUNG, V.T., DALGIC, T., MOLTENI, M., GARZA CARRANZA, M., MAIGNAN, I., CASTRO, F.B., MOON, Y., TERPSTRA-TONG, J., DABIĆ, M., LI, Y., DANIS, W., KANGASNIEMI, M., ANSARI, M., RIDDLE, L., MILTON, L., HALLINGER, P., ELENKOV, D., GIRSON, I., GELBUDA, M., RAMBURUTH, P., CASADO, T., ROSSI, A.M., RICHARDS, M., DEUSEN, C., FU, P., WAN, P., TANG, M., LEE, C., CHIA, H., FAN, Y. and WALLACE, A., 2011. A twenty-first century assessment of values across the global workforce. Journal of Business Ethics, 104 (1), pp. 1-31. ISSN 0167-4544

RALSTON, D.A., EGRI, C.P., GARZA CARRANZA, M., RAMBURUTH, P., TERPSTRA-TONG, J., PEKERTI, A., GIRSON, I., HERRIG, H., DABIĆ, M., TANG, M., WAN, P., HALLINGER, P., PALMER, I., ELENKOV, D., FURRER, O., POTOCAN, V., WANGENHEIM, F., MAIGNAN, I., PERREWÉ, P., ROSSI, A., LENARTOWICZ, T., LEDGERWOOD, D., MAY, R., WEBER, M., JESUINO, J., FU, P., NAOUMOVA, I., CASADO, T., RIDDLE, L., RICHARDS, M., BUTT, A., DANIS, W., CASTRO, F.B., RUIZ-GUTIÉRREZ, J., MILTON, L., ANSARI, M., BROCK, D., SRINIVASAN, N., STARKUS, A., DALGIC, T., LEÓN-DARDER, F., THANH, H., MOON, Y., CHIA, H., KUO, M.C., MOLTENI, M., KANGASNIEMI, M., MELLAHI, K. and WALLACE, A., 2009. Ethical preferences for influencing superiors: a 41-society study. Journal of International Business Studies, 40 (6), pp. 1022-1045. ISSN 0047-2506

TZVETANOVA, Y., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2009. Modelling and evaluation of emotional interfaces. In: I. MAURTUA, ed., Human-computer interaction. InTech, pp. 279-297. ISBN 9789533070223

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2007. Emotional web usability evaluation. In: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII, Beijing, China, 22-27 July 2007, Beijing.

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2006. Design of emotional storytelling interface for educational purposes. In: 8th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Taipei, Taiwan, June 26-30 June 2006, Taipei.

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2006. Design of emotional web interface using InSite factors. In: Design & Emotion Conference, Goteborg, Sweden, 27-29 September 2006, Beijing.

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2006. Modelling emotional interface using OutSite and InSite factors. In: Design Computing and Cognition Conference, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 10-12 July 2006, Eindhoven.

TZVETANOVA, S. and TANG, M., 2005. Affect assessment in educational system using outSite factors. In: 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Workshop on Motivation and Affect in Educational Software, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18-22 July 2005, Amsterdam.

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