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Journal article

RALSTON, D.A., EGRI, C.P., REYNAUD, E., SRINIVASAN, N., FURRER, O., BROCK, D., ALAS, R., WANGENHEIM, F., DARDER, F.L., KUO, C., POTOCAN, V., MOCKAITIS, A.I., SZABO, E., GUTIÉRREZ, J.R., PEKERTI, A., BUTT, A., PALMER, I., NAOUMOVA, I., LENARTOWICZ, T., STARKUS, A., HUNG, V.T., DALGIC, T., MOLTENI, M., GARZA CARRANZA, M., MAIGNAN, I., CASTRO, F.B., MOON, Y., TERPSTRA-TONG, J., DABIĆ, M., LI, Y., DANIS, W., KANGASNIEMI, M., ANSARI, M., RIDDLE, L., MILTON, L., HALLINGER, P., ELENKOV, D., GIRSON, I., GELBUDA, M., RAMBURUTH, P., CASADO, T., ROSSI, A.M., RICHARDS, M., DEUSEN, C., FU, P., WAN, P., TANG, M., LEE, C., CHIA, H., FAN, Y. and WALLACE, A., 2011. A twenty-first century assessment of values across the global workforce. Journal of Business Ethics, 104 (1), pp. 1-31. ISSN 0167-4544

RALSTON, D.A., EGRI, C.P., GARZA CARRANZA, M., RAMBURUTH, P., TERPSTRA-TONG, J., PEKERTI, A., GIRSON, I., HERRIG, H., DABIĆ, M., TANG, M., WAN, P., HALLINGER, P., PALMER, I., ELENKOV, D., FURRER, O., POTOCAN, V., WANGENHEIM, F., MAIGNAN, I., PERREWÉ, P., ROSSI, A., LENARTOWICZ, T., LEDGERWOOD, D., MAY, R., WEBER, M., JESUINO, J., FU, P., NAOUMOVA, I., CASADO, T., RIDDLE, L., RICHARDS, M., BUTT, A., DANIS, W., CASTRO, F.B., RUIZ-GUTIÉRREZ, J., MILTON, L., ANSARI, M., BROCK, D., SRINIVASAN, N., STARKUS, A., DALGIC, T., LEÓN-DARDER, F., THANH, H., MOON, Y., CHIA, H., KUO, M.C., MOLTENI, M., KANGASNIEMI, M., MELLAHI, K. and WALLACE, A., 2009. Ethical preferences for influencing superiors: a 41-society study. Journal of International Business Studies, 40 (6), pp. 1022-1045. ISSN 0047-2506

Chapter in book

TZVETANOVA, Y., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2009. Modelling and evaluation of emotional interfaces. In: I. MAURTUA, ed., Human-computer interaction. InTech, pp. 279-297. ISBN 9789533070223

Conference contribution

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2007. Emotional web usability evaluation. In: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII, Beijing, China, 22-27 July 2007, Beijing.

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2006. Design of emotional storytelling interface for educational purposes. In: 8th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Taipei, Taiwan, June 26-30 June 2006, Taipei.

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2006. Design of emotional web interface using InSite factors. In: Design & Emotion Conference, Goteborg, Sweden, 27-29 September 2006, Beijing.

TZVETANOVA, S., TANG, M. and JUSTICE, L., 2006. Modelling emotional interface using OutSite and InSite factors. In: Design Computing and Cognition Conference, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 10-12 July 2006, Eindhoven.

TZVETANOVA, S. and TANG, M., 2005. Affect assessment in educational system using outSite factors. In: 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Workshop on Motivation and Affect in Educational Software, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18-22 July 2005, Amsterdam.

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