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JASPAL, R., TURNER, A. and NERLICH, B., 2014. Fracking on YouTube: exploring risks, benefits and human values. Environmental Values, 23 (5), pp. 501-527. ISSN 0963-2719

COLODRERO, R.M.P., CABEZA, A., OLIVERA-PASTOR, P., CHOQUESILLO-LAZARTE, D., GARCIA-RUIZ, J.M., TURNER, A., ILIA, G., MARANESCU, B., PAPATHANASIOU, K.E., HIX, G.B., DEMADIS, K.D. and ARANDA, M.A.G., 2011. Divalent metal vinylphosphonate layered materials: compositional variability, structural peculiarities, dehydration behavior, and photoluminescent properties. Inorganic Chemistry, 50 (21), pp. 11202-11211. ISSN 1520-510X

LODHIA, S., TURNER, A., PAPADAKI, M., DEMADIS, K. and HIX, G.B., 2009. Polymorphism, composition, and structural variability in topology in 1D, 2D, and 3D copper phosphonocarboxylate materials. Crystal Growth & Design, 9 (4), pp. 1811-1822. ISSN 1528-7483

HIX, G.B., TURNER, A., VAHTER, L. and KARIUKI, B.M., 2007. Synthesis and structural characterisation of two new porous metal phosphonates: Zn(O3PCH2CO2H).H2O and Pb(O3PCH=CH2). Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 99, p. 62.

DELAIN-BIOTON, L., TURNER, A., LEJEUNE, N., VILLEMIN, D., HIX, G.B. and JAFFRÈS, P.-A., 2005. Michael addition of phosphorus derivatives on tetraethyl ethylidenediphosphonate. Tetrahedron, 61 (27), pp. 6602-6609.

TURNER, A., JAFFRÈS, P.-A., MACLEAN, E.J., VILLEMIN, D., MCKEE, V. and HIX, G.B., 2003. Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of two Co phosphonates containing trifunctional phosphonate anions: Co3(O3PCH2NH2CH2PO3)2 and Co3(O3PCH2-NC4H7-CO2)2.5H2O. Dalton Transactions (7), pp. 1314-1319.

HIX, G.B., TURNER, A., KARIUKI, B.M., TREMAYNE, M. and MACLEAN, E., 2002. Strategies for the synthesis of porous metal phosphonates. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 12, pp. 3220-3227.

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