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Journal article

ZHANG, X., BIAN, Z., YUAN, X., CHEN, X. and LU, C., 2020. A review on the effects of light-emitting diode (LED) light on the nutrients of sprouts and microgreens. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 99, pp. 203-216. ISSN 0924-2244

ZHANG, X., BIAN, Z., LI, S., CHEN, X. and LU, C., 2019. Comparative analysis of phenolic compounds profile, antioxidant capacity, and expression of phenolic biosynthesis-related genes in soybean microgreens grown under different light spectra. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. ISSN 0021-8561

BIAN, Z., ZHANG, X., WANG, Y. and LU, C., 2019. Improving drought tolerance by altering the photosynthetic rate and stomatal aperture via green light in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) seedlings under drought conditions. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 167: 103844. ISSN 0098-8472

LIU, X., ZHU, X., WEI, X., LU, C., SHEN, F., ZHANG, X. and ZHANG, Z., 2019. The wheat LLM-domain-containing transcription factor TaGATA1 positively modulates host immune response to Rhizoctonia cerealis. Journal of Experimental Botany. ISSN 0022-0957

GU, J., LI, W., WANG, S., ZHANG, X., COULES, A., DING, G., XU, F., REN, J., LU, C. and SHI, L., 2019. Differential alternative splicing genes in response to boron deficiency in Brassica napus. Genes, 10 (3): 224. ISSN 2073-4425

LIU, Y., XU, S., ZHANG, C., ZHU, X., HAMMAD, M.A., ZHANG, X., CHRISTIAN, M., ZHANG, H. and LIU, P., 2018. Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase family proteins on lipid droplets through bacteria, C. elegans, and mammals. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1863 (8), pp. 881-894. ISSN 1388-1981

ZHANG, X., WEI, J., HUANG, Y., SHEN, W., CHEN, X., LU, C., SU, N. and CUI, J., 2018. Increased cytosolic calcium contributes to hydrogen-rich water-promoted anthocyanin biosynthesis under UV-A irradiation in radish sprouts hypocotyls. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9: 1020. ISSN 1664-462X

CAO, Y., WANG, T., ZHANG, X., KAIWARTYA, O., EIZA, M.H. and PUTRUS, G., 2018. Toward anycasting-driven reservation system for electric vehicle battery switch service. IEEE Systems Journal. ISSN 1937-9234

CAO, Y., HAN, C., ZHANG, X., KAIWARTYA, O., ZHUANG, Y., ASLAM, N. and DIANATI, M., 2018. A trajectory-driven opportunistic routing protocol for VCPS. IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems. ISSN 0018-9251

CAO, Y., SONG, H., KAIWARTYA, O., ZHOU, B., ZHUANG, Y., CAO, Y. and ZHANG, X., 2018. Mobile edge computing for big-data-enabled electric vehicle charging. IEEE Communications Magazine, 56 (3), pp. 150-156. ISSN 0163-6804

ZHANG, X., SERJOUEI, A. and SRIDHAR, I., 2018. Criterion for interface defeat to penetration transition of long rod projectile impact on ceramic armor. Thin-Walled Structures, 126, pp. 266-284. ISSN 0263-8231

ZHANG, X., ZHANG, J. and ZHONG, J., 2018. Toward navigation ability for autonomous mobile robots with learning from demonstration paradigm. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 15 (3). ISSN 1729-8814

SERJOUEI, A., GOUR, G., ZHANG, X., IDAPALAPATI, S. and TAN, G.E.B., 2017. On improving ballistic limit of bi-layer ceramic–metal armor. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 105, pp. 54-67. ISSN 0734-743X

VISSER, B.R., ADDICOAT, M.A., GASCOOKE, J.R., ZHANG, X., BOWEN, K., LAWRANCE, W.D. and METHA, G.F., 2015. Photodetachment velocity map imaging of the 1A′←2A′ transition in the AuOH anion. Chemical Physics Letters, 625, pp. 164-167. ISSN 0009-2614

CAI, Z., OU, X., ZHANG, X., ZHANG, X., HE, J. and XING, Y., 2013. Comparative study of energy consumption and CO2 emissions between Beijing and London. Frontiers in Energy, 7 (1), pp. 1-5. ISSN 2095-1701

PAN, G., KROM, M.D., ZHANG, M., ZHANG, X., WANG, L., DAI, L., SHENG, Y. and MORTIMER, R.J.G., 2013. Impact of suspended inorganic particles on phosphorus cycling in the Yellow River (China). Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (17), pp. 9685-9692. ISSN 1520-5851

ZHANG, X. and HEAD, K., 2010. Dealing with learner reticence in the speaking class. ELT Journal, 64 (1).

NI, J., YU, Y., FENG, W., YAN, Q., PAN, G., YANG, B., ZHANG, X. and LI, X., 2010. Impacts of algal blooms removal by chitosan-modified soils on zooplankton community in Taihu Lake, China. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 22 (10), pp. 1500-1507. ISSN 1001-0742

YAN, Q., YU, Y., FENG, W., PAN, G., CHEN, H., CHEN, J., YANG, B., LI, X. and ZHANG, X., 2009. Plankton Community Succession in Artificial Systems Subjected to Cyanobacterial Blooms Removal using Chitosan-Modified Soils. Microbial Ecology, 58 (1), pp. 47-55. ISSN 0095-3628

ZHANG, X., HE, M., CHENG, L., CHEN, Y., ZHOU, L., ZENG, H., POCKLEY, A.G., HU, F.B. and WU, T., 2008. Elevated heat shock protein 60 levels are associated with higher risk of coronary heart disease in Chinese. Circulation, 118 (25), pp. 2687-2693. ISSN 0009-7322

Chapter in book

OU, X., ZHANG, X., XING, Y., ZHANG, Q. and ZHANG, X., 2014. China's energy-water nexus in 2009 by Sankey diagram. In: P.S. VARBANOV and N. DUIĆ, eds., Chemical engineering transactions. Milan: AIDIC: the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering, pp. 31-36. ISBN 9788895608334

ZHANG, X., 2013. Case study of academic expatriates in China. In: T. REDMAN and A. WILKINSON, eds., Contemporary human resource management. Pearson Education.

Conference contribution

COCKER, J., ZHANG, X. and CAVEN, V., 2019. Is lean 'mean' or an employee dream: the impact of lean principles upon human resources employees. In: 20th University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD) Annual Conference, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, 24-26 June 2019.

LU, C., ZHANG, X., BIAN, Z., GRAY, D. and KAYA, E., 2018. The effect of light quality on the growth of duckweed (Landoltia punctata). In: Valorising Field Wastes – the Next Steps?, Hilton Nottingham, Nottingham, 12-13 November 2018.

ZHANG, X. and TENG, W., 2018. Employee well-being from a Confucianism perspective. In: 36th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS 2018), Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, 17-20 August 2018.

ZHANG, X., 2017. The interpretation of Guanxi. In: 3rd Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM-2017) Conference, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1-3 August 2017.

ZHANG, X. and TENG, W., 2016. Ethical innovation through Confucian teaching. In: Sixth World Congress of the International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE), Shanghai, China, 13-16 July 2016.

ZHANG, X. and TENG, W., 2015. Dizi Gui and employee well-being. In: Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM) Conference 2015, Windhoek, Namibia, 4-6 August 2015.

TENG, W. and ZHANG, X., 2014. Exploring happiness organisational culture with Confucianism: case of Chinese private company. In: 28th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Sydney, Australia, December 2014.

SHANKS, B. and ZHANG, X., 2014. Exploring the commitment of temporary agency workers. In: The 18th International Academy of Management and Business Conference, Rome, Italy, September 2014, Rome, Italy.

ZHANG, X., CHEYNE, A. and LOAN-CLARKE, J., 2013. The concept of mianzi and harmony in internationalised academic working environment. In: The 10th Asian Academy of Management, Penang, Malaysia, August 2013, Penang, Malaysia.

ZHANG, X., CHEYNE, A. and LOAN-CLARKE, J., 2012. The dynamics of guanxi in internationalised higher education. In: International Academy of Management and Business, Bali, Indonesia, September 2012, Bali, Indonesia.

ZHANG, X., CHEYNE, A. and LOAN-CLARKE, J., 2011. Guanxi’s influence on academics’ working relationships. In: Proceedings of the 37th European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania, December 2011, Bucharest, Romania.

Working paper

ZHANG, X. and TENG, W., 2017. Dizi Gui and employee well-being. UNSPECIFIED. (Forthcoming)

ZHANG, X. and TENG, W., 2017. Ethical innovation through Confucianism teaching. UNSPECIFIED. (Forthcoming)

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