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BELBIN, D., 1993. Det, du frygter mest af alt. Copenhagen: Sesam.

BELBIN, D., 1993. Different ways of getting drunk. In: G. GORDON and D. HUGHES, eds., Best short stories of 1993. London: Heinemann, pp. 36-48.

BELBIN, D., 1993. Home for Christmas. In: Mysterious Christmas tales. London: Scholastic Children's Books, pp. 215-244.

BELBIN, D., 1993. Lammende tåke. Oslo: Semik.

BELBIN, D., 1993. Love, time travel. Ambit, 132, pp. 50-60. ISSN 0002-6972

BELBIN, D., 1993. Shoot the teacher. London: Scholastic.

BENNETT, M., 1993. Constables' accounts. London: Historical Association.

BOULÉ, J.-P., 1993. Radioscopie: Jacques Chancel/Jean-Paul Sartre. Romanistische Zeitschrift für Literaturgeschichte (Cahiers D'histoire des Littératures Romanes), 17.

BOULÉ, J.-P. and KEEFE, T., 1993. Simone de Beauvoir as interviewer of Sartre: convergence and divergence. Simone de Beauvoir Studies, 10.


DUTT, S., 1993. India in strife: the Ayodhya crisis. New Zealand International Review (2), pp. 26-27.


EDLEY, N., 1993. Prince Charles - our flexible friend: accounting for variations in constructions of identity. Text - Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse, 13 (3), pp. 397-422. ISSN 0165-4888


GOODRIDGE, J., 1993. E.P.Thompson, 1924-1993. , pp. 10-11.

GOODRIDGE, J., 1993. Identity, authenticity, class: John Clare and the mask of Chatterton. Angelaki, 1 (2), pp. 131-148.

GOODRIDGE, J., 1993. The John Clare Society Journal. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0950921890

GOODRIDGE, J., 1993. John Clare at 200: a memory lost? British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin, 5, pp. 11-12.

GOODRIDGE, J., 1993. Review of 'Customs in common' by E.P. Thompson. The John Clare Society Journal, 12, pp. 75-76.

GOODRIDGE, J., 1993. The poet John Clare 1793-1864. Helpston: The John Clare Society.


HAYES, N., 1993. Tammany Hall resurrected? Images of Labour caucus rule in Nottingham 1956-60. Transactions of the Thoroton Society (98), pp. 136-144.


INKSTER, I., 1993. Antitheses on peculiarity - or, a dialogue on labour organisation and the Japanese economy, circa 1960-1980. East Asia, International Review of Economic, Political and Social Development, 6, pp. 111-119.

INKSTER, I., 1993. Education, human capital and technical change in Japan - a skeptical evaluation. East Asia, International Review of Economic, Political and Social Development, 6, pp. 99-110.

INKSTER, I., 1993. Eikoku to Nihon no Sangyo Kakumei ni Okeru Gijutsu Henkaku ni miru Shakaiteki Haikei ni tsuite no Hikaku Kento (Comparative treatment of the social context of technological change during the industrial revolutions of Britain and Japan). In: Bunka no hon'yaku kanosei (Translatability of culture). Tokyo: Jimbun Shoin, pp. 134-146.


KIDNER, D.W., 1993. Experimentation in hypnosis: towards an adequate methodology. In: G.T. LEWITH and D. ALDRIDGE, eds., Clinical research methodology for the complementary therapies. London: Hodder and Stoughton.


ROWBOTHAM, J., 1993. The case for female capability in the works of Augusta Evans Wilson. Over Here, 13 (2).


SMITH, A. and SCHLESINGER, A., 1993. A model for village and community renewal? Town & Country Planning, 62 (7), pp. 186-188.

SMITH, A. and SCHLESINGER, A., 1993. A model for village and community renewal? Town & Country Planning, 62 (7), pp. 186-188.


TALBOT, M., 1993. Encyclopedia of language and linguistics. In: J. MEY, ed., UNSPECIFIED Pergamon, pp. 3524-3527.

TALBOT, M., 1993. Review of Guy Cook's 'The discourse of advertising'. Liverpool studies in language and discourse, 1, pp. 80-83.

TALBOT, M. and GOUGH, V., 1993. 'Guilt over games boys play': coherence as a focus for examining the constitution of heterosexual subjectivity on a problem page. Liverpool studies in language and discourse (1), pp. 3-20.

TAYLOR, L., 1993. Pronunciation in action. New York: Prentice Hall. ISBN 0013950916


WILLIAMS, P., 1993. Colonial discourse. The Year's Work in English Studies.

WILLIAMS, P., 1993. Political correctness. In: V. SHEPHERD, ed., Aspects of communication. Birmingham: University of Aston.

WILLIAMS, P., 1993. Problems of post-colonialism. Paragraph, 16 (1).

WILLIAMS, P. and CHRISMAN, L., 1993. Colonial discourse and post-colonial theory : a reader. Columbia University Press.

WOODS, G., 1993. Easy ride: episodes in a British academic career. In: S. MCCONNELL-CELI, ed., Twenty-first century challenge: lesbians and gays in education, bridging the gap. Red Bank, New Jersey: Lavender Crystal Press, pp. 12-19.

WOODS, G., 1993. Gay re-readings of the Harlem Renaissance poets. Journal of Homosexuality, 26, pp. 127-142.

WOODS, G., 1993. Gay re-readings of the Harlem Renaissance poets. In: E.S. NELSON, ed., Critical essays: gay and lesbian writers of color. New York: Haworth Press, pp. 127-142.

WOODS, G., 1993. High culture and high camp: the case of Marcel Proust. In: D. BERGMAN, ed., Camp grounds: style and homosexuality. Boston: University of Massachusetts Press, pp. 121-133. ISBN 870238779

WOODS, G., 1993. James Kirkup and gay poetry. PN Review, 92, p. 11.

WOODS, G., 1993. William Seward Burroughs. In: E.S. NELSON, ed., Contemporary gay American novelists: a bio-bibliographical critical sourcebook. Westport, Connecticut: Green wood Press, pp. 37-45.

WOODS, G., 1993. The injured sex: Hemingway's voice of masculine anxiety. In: J. STILL and M. WORTON, eds., Textuality and sexuality: reading theories and practices. Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 160-172. ISBN 719036046

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Antique roadshow. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Asphalt and old lace. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Aufruhr im letzten Politbüro. Freibeuter, 58, pp. 149-156.

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Beastly trials of the last Politburo. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Ghetto blaster. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Local distinctiveness; on the curiosities and perils of the English approach. In: S. CLIFFORD and A. KING, eds., Local distinctiveness. London: Common Ground, pp. 37-46.

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Nostalgia for the old new towns. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Olde England outfoxed. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. One's realm. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Our island story. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Science of style. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Variations on a scheme. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Where there's a Will? .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The bottle thrower. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The debate about culture. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The empire strikes back. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. A journey through ruins. Flamingo.

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The last acre of truth. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. A night in a ghoulish tunnel. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The stain on St George's flag. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. A train of thought. .

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