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AL-HABAIBEH, A. and ZHONG, H., 2021. Selected papers of The International Conference on Energy and Sustainable Futures (ICESF) 2019. Elsevier.

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RAMANATHAN, U., THOMPSON, P. and PANDIARAJA, D., 2021. Waste management in dairy production: a case of co-operative milk producers in South India. The Case Centre.

RAMANATHAN, U., THOMPSON, P. and PANDIARAJA, D., 2021. Waste management in dairy production: a case of co-operative milk produces in South India. The Case Centre.

SLADE, K. and DIAGNOSTICS ADVISORY COMMITTEE, , 2021. SeHCAT (tauroselcholic [75 selenium] acid) for diagnosing bile acid diarrhoea. Diagnostics guidance [DG44]. London: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

VITTEE, T., GIAMPORCARO, S. and BARNADO, C., 2021. The Abraaj fallen towers: corporate governance failure at the darling of impact private equity. Cape Town, South Africa: Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.

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